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The bigger the paintball barrel the better, is this true?

Asked by berksonj (2points) June 11th, 2011

The bigger the paintball barrel the better, is this true? I recently purchased the Tippmann New A-5. I also purchased a 16 inch sniper barrel. Then I read online that too big a barrel limits the range. Is this true and if so, what is a good barrel that is extremely accurate and good for woodsball paintball.

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16 in. is fine for woodsball. I’m fairly certain longer barrels increase distance and accuracy.

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I’m not a gun enthusiast or a paintball player, but I have been in the woods before.

According to the single video I watched (with Denny Tippmann himself), the standard barrel is good for accuracy up to 250’. How long a shot do you expect to get in the woods? By that I mean, “how long an unobstructed shot do you expect to be able to take in the woods?”

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I want to get around 250 feet, but want it to be deadly accurate.

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Just like a regular gun, there is a point of diminishing returns, and part of it depends on how much gas you dump in per shot.

However, those two factors also affect your muzzle velocity, and most courses have limits, often around 300 FPS. Part of why rifles have such great accuracy at range and so much more hitting power is that they have muzzle velocities that are much higher… too high for most courses.

Having too long a barrel means that, at some point, gases are no longer pushing the ball down the barrel yet barrel friction is still present (and slowing the ball down) so you want the barrel to end before then.

You’ll be fine with a 16”, but I wouldn’t go much longer, if any.

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well the thing that differentiates paintball with real shooting is that you’re shooting an gelatin ball that’s filled with a liquid. So you’re never going to get the accuracy you see with a gun from a paintball gun.

I personally have never enjoyed playing woodsball, I am more of a speedball lad myself. I’ve played competitively for 4–5 years and in my opinion, accuracy by volumes works the best. It’s the same thing as the double tap rule for zombies.

Instead of shooting once, as you would do with a regular gun, shoot 3–4 rounds at your target. This ensures that even if the first one doesn’t get him, one of the next one’s should.

As for length of barrel, I prefer 14 inches. I’ve played 7 man speedball fields that are 150–200 feet across and I’ve shot fairly well across them.

The limited time I’ve played woodsball, I’ve never seen a 250 foot unobstructed shot. I don’t even think I’ve ever seen barely 100 feet through the bush. I’d say your best bet with a Tippmann is to try out a Flatline barrel. I’ve known a few woodsballers who have sworn by them. They are supposed to give you a longer range and flatten some of the arch from your shot.

Hope this helps a bit.

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