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What's the easiest way to limit time spent on social networking websites?

Asked by IzzyAndHerBeans (357points) June 11th, 2011

I’ve been a stickler for social networking websites, and lately it’s beginning to control a lot of what I do. I read in an article that the best way to stay happy and active is to get off the computer. That’s sort of the issue I’m having at the moment.
Are there any strategies that will help limit the time I spend on these websites? (Ok, I know being on this website isn’t a good example).

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Drop your internet connection at home and do all your social networking at the library or an internet cafe.

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Become a professional juggler.

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I toyed with the idea of giving my mouse to a neighbor once.

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Just realize that you are wasting your life away looking for info about what others are doing instead of actually doing anything yourself.

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I struggle with the same issue and have no easy answer. Getting out of the house more with real people helps a lot!

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- Turn off your computer when you don’t need it. That will make it harder to just pop on quickly to check the sites that distract you.
– Go do the other things you need to do. Once you just start doing the other things you need to do, you may be less likely/able to go check the computer.
– Delete your accounts on the social sites and don’t go back to them. That’s the more extreme thing to do, but if you can’t control yourself otherwise, it may be necessary.

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If it’s really being a problem for you, I think @WestRiverrat‘s idea is a good one. Or set a timer and try to stick to that.

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I didn’t expect to get so many answers! Thanks for the help… Even the silly answers are not silly to me.

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Run for the US presidency. Then you can limit your Fluthering to grabbing your aide’s Blackberry, iPhone or Android to post questions and answers.

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Are you using Windows or a Mac? If you are on a Mac I can show you how to block sites during certain hours of the day. Something like no facebook between 8am and 8pm on weekdays.

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@johnpowell Really can you do that? My gf would love to block porn sites for 24 hours. Lol.

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For me, I think boredom is the indication to leave one thing and do another. If my real life get bored I’ll just use the internet as an alternative, vice versa. Overall, real life out there is much more beautiful than virtual world like social networking.

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power outage and foreclosure.

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