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What do you like and dislike most in a group of people?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26060points) June 11th, 2011

I always find all kinds of Fluther jellies to be level-headed + truthful + fair + passionate + compassionate + smart + funny = Simply Amazing!

I’m now tapping these jellies to get informative and interesting answers on what particular likes and dislikes, perceptions, views and assumptions they have on a certain group of people. It could be based on nationalities, ethnicities, political or business affiliation, social organizations, gangs or fraternities, even cults.

Biases and prejudices are welcome even if it’s controversial or unpopular but you must counter with something positive that you see the group as doing even if it means swallowing a whole chunk of saliva or sighing heavily or vomiting afterwards. Thanks! : )

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I love humor most of all and conceited and condescending attitudes are a big turn off.

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I like groups of fun beautiful woman the most and dislike groups of old ugly angry men with the mentality of Eeyore the donkey the least.

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I suppose you ask about a group of people in general, not only about fluther community. In general I don’t like discrimination, and apathetic people.

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Like : Funny, chilled out folk.
Dislike : Moaning, negative people & sheep mentality, baaaaaad ewes….I mean bad news ;¬}

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I like talking to people when I’m feeling social, and all of the funny/exciting/nice/etc people that you can meet. I don’t like dramatic people, or when people are talking too loud, or when I’m feeling annoyed and just want to be by myself.

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Sweet holy moly, the groups of people I like best are those who can think outside-the-box. Who don’t just sit there and believe nothing else is possible or probable less what comes out of a science book, which has in all essence a margin of error; just how big, we do not have the ability to tell today. I also like groups that can put the greater logic above their petty feelings. They can look at the logic of banning or legalizing a process or activity by how it affects the group or society as a whole even if it is something they don’t care for or would not do, especially if they have no faith premise behind it. Those who can’t seem to look pass what they know to even fathom they can be wrong are just annoying, about as annoying as those who would sink logic to the bottom of the ocean than admit something they disapprove of has not probative or real detrimental effect on the greater scheme of life at all.

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I don’t generally hang out with groups of people and I try hard not to assign attributes to identifiable groups.

I detest blind followers of groups. Such people often inherited their particular philosophical, religious or political affiliations. They rarely evaluate the beliefs, values and ritual practices of the group to which they adhere so unswervingly.

Typically they refuse to expose themselves to alternate viewpoints and when they are exposed to authoritative or scientific evidence that supports conflicting viewpoints, they usually are already armed with well rehearsed talking points, usually devised by group leaders, which their members have been taught will successfully refute any challenge to the beliefs, values or practices of their group.

On the other hand, these people make good soldiers and patriots. They are loyal and faithful. They don’t question or challenge orders. When their group stands for tolerance, justice and community service, they make terrific contributions to society.

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The herd mentality. They’ll turn on another person just because someone else is doing it.

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If it’s a group which gathers to get something done, I like people who concentrate on the task, without too much digression. I don’t like people who are late to the meetings, or who don’t listen or who talk while others have the floor.

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I like laid back people. People who aren’t hemmed in by the opinions of others, people who are open to the views of others, etc. I like passionate, fiery types as long as it’s not overbearing. I cannot stick obnoxious people.
I dislike judgemental, closed minded groups of people. I don’t like the herd mentality either. That’s a big turn off for me.

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Social fraternities and sororities at a school bother me. They can lead to forming cliques that sometimes prevent members from making friends outside of the group. And the hazing rituals that are sometimes performed are abhorrent.

On the upside, they can build leadership skills and offer accountability for maintaining grades.

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I like those who: are positive, who are inclusive, who are helpful, who motivate, who encouraging, who are funny and those who are kind and caring.

I don’t like those who: bully, are negative, are petty and prissy, who pick on people for minuscule errors or to act superior, who are racist, who are homophobic and those who are small-minded.

I am also not fond of people who are overly judgemental, but by posting this I am guilty of that myself.

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