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How can I gut-load meal worms and crickets for my leopard gecko?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) June 11th, 2011

I feed my leo mostly mealies and sometimes crickets and want to know how I can gut-load the insects besides just the stuff the mealies come with and the cricket food from the pet store. I heard that pet store food can kill the insects and thought I would make my own. Would oats, fruits, and veggies work well?

P.S.—Sorry about all the topics I really want a quick answer

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I had a brown Haitian tarantula named Vivian that I regularly fed crickets to. I kept the crickets in a medium sized goldfish bowl. I lined the bottom with regular old sand and let them eat off of a big hunk of sourdough bread. It doesn’t necessarily have to be sourdough bread but it does need to be some type of bakery, loaf style bread. I tried the sliced kind and had a couple of big die offs.

I wish I could help you with the mealies but I’ve never dealt with them in any other respect than fishing. Good luck.

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Fruit will work. I used dry dog food for a while. I also used a vitamin powder from the pet store. Pour some into a baggie full of crickets and shake it up till the crickets are coated in a white dust and let them go inside the cage.

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The pet store I work at sells a product from Zilla that you can feed to your crickets to do this. Here is a link to it. Thats what we use in the store and it seems to work pretty well. I would just keep the crickets in another cage with that stuff before you feed them to the gecko

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