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Which is the correct spelling: to sync, or to synch?

Asked by richardhenry (12638points) April 26th, 2008

As in ‘synchronisation’. In my opinion, ‘sync’ looks so much better, and ‘synch’ just reads ‘sinch’.

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i think it’s Sync, seeing as the apple synchronisation tool is called iSync, but ofcourse, i can’t be sure

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I don’t think it makes a difference either way since they’re both shortened forms. Both spelling forms are found in the dictionary I use so use your favourite!

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I’d use “sync.” That “ch” cries out for being pronounced as in “cinch,” or clench.”

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Reading “synch” sort-of makes me feel like I have a terrible cold or nasal congestion.

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Like the German Ach?

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Would you like a tissue?

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Here comes Ms. smarty-pants with her Mac OS X dictionary…

I figured Sync was a modern version of Synch as an abbreviation of Synchronize or Synchronization, and looks like that’s not far off:

sync |si ng k| (also synch) informal

synchronization : images flash onto your screen in sync with the music.
verb [ trans. ]

synchronize : the flash needs to be synced to your camera.

in (or out of) sync working well (or badly) together; in (or out of) agreement : her eyes and her brain seemed to be seriously out of sync.

ORIGIN 1920s: abbreviation.

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Thanks wildflower!

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There is nothing wrong with being smart, wildflower.
When one enters SYNCH into the search box of, it goes to SYNC. I’m reasoning that sync is the preferred spelling and synch is the alternative spelling. Maybe not such good reasoning.

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sync is what I use I have never even heard of synch

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synch is one of those words that really bothers me, like moist and gristle. I will post the link to the question about the uncomfortable sounding words, and add synch (ugh) to it when I get home.

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thank you.

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Now to take this a bit further…how do you take that into variations of the word…sync-ing? or synch-ing? or sync-ed or synch-ed?

Although I commonly use sync, I always pause when I try to use it in different forms when discussing a process of “sync-ing” :) Thoughts?

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