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Does this sound like Pink Eye in my Cat?

Asked by tan235 (877points) June 12th, 2011

My poor Kitty woke up this morning with a sore eye.
The third eye lid is showing and all white and seems to be puffy, she keeps pawing her eye, it’s not red as such but she has some dripping from it.
Does this sound like conjunctivitis?
I have just adopted her so she has had all her shots.
Also how do I treat this without getting it myself?
She licks all the time so can you get it through saliva or is it only if i touch her eye and then mine?
sorry a lot of questions, thanks for your help.

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You need to take her to the veterinarian. They will use a fluoroscein stain to determine if she has a scratch on the surface of her eye (a corneal abrasion); this is vital to determining the proper treatment for her eye. They will also check to make sure that she does not have a foreign body caught in her conjunctiva.

If she has a corneal abrasion, they will provide you with an antibiotic ointment (or drops) as well as a topical pain medication. In very severe cases, they may also supply a systemic pain medication.

If there is no sign of damage to the surface of the eye, they will be able to use an ophthalmic steroid as well as an antibiotic treatment – this will help with the inflammation and pain. (Using a steroid on an eye with a scratch is detrimental to healing, and in some cases can contribute to an ocular rupture. That’s why the diagnostic fluoroscein stain is so very important.)

If she’s been recently adopted, it’s likely that she has some form of upper respiratory virus causing the eye irritation, but her rubbing at it could make it quickly worse (she could scratch the surface of the eye herself), so I would have her looked at as soon as possible.

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I’ve heard that giving your cat ACV – apple cider vinegar can help – is this true?

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Listen to syz.

You do not want to mistake a redness from illness for a corneal abrasion. Both can be treated but an abrasion can lead to a corneal ulcer and the eye will never be the same if left untreated. Not that you’d notice in the cat’s ability to read, but most of the sight recovery can be done if caught in time. If the third eyelid is down, it may just be inflammation. Get it checked. A fluorescent stain costs very little and can save your pet’s eyesight.

Please don’t use the home ph remedy. I believe the poster above me is talking about tear stains, not ocular problems.

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What does apple cider vinegar have to do with eyes? Don’t mess around with eyes – call your vet.

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Follow the advice Syz gave you to get your cat in for a vet visit ASAP. She knows what she’s talking about !

Call the org. from which you adopted your kitty. Many shelters include complimentary vet care for a month or so following an adoption since they are aware of how common it is for animals to pick up all sorts of infections while in a shelter with so many other animals with an immune system most likely weakened from the stress of being there.

Even if they don’t provide this service, they can recommend reliable vets in your area if you don’t have one already.

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