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How many people live inside of you?

Asked by Blueroses (18236points) June 12th, 2011

I was just finishing mowing my lawn and went to the gas station to refill my grill’s propane tank. The guy on duty there is one I always flirt with.
A few years ago, I led a class for pre-teens in media awareness. Two girls from my class were in the store.

I walked in as a tired homeowner, turned flirt, turned authority figure “Oh hi, Ms. Blue!”, back to flirt, then home.

It feels like backstage quick change of costume. How many people are you? How quickly can you change?

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I’m not good at this. I’ve never been good at putting on a face, and when I try it usually fails miserably. I never did well in drama, I’m a hideously bad liar, and I’m horrible at hiding my true feelings. My face always gives me away.
So, aside from polite Enuf and relaxed Enuf, I don’t think there are any more.

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I’m pretty good, and I think I’d make a good actor because of this. I’m quite moody as well, so… one minute it’s jolly me, the other it’s the most serious and thoughtful me you’ll ever see.

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That’s a great story! As a teacher I flip in and out all the time in public, when I see my students…or any other kid for that matter, especially if they’re misbehaving.

The most memorable event like that, though, was when I was in my mid 30’s, looked like I was in my early 20’s (as I was often told.) The high school boys I taught would always flirt with me (it was annoying and a little worrisome…) Anyway, I was on a date with this guy in his really HOT, red, convertible Mustang. I had on shorts and…well, I was dressed for driving around in a hot convertible Mustang ya know…well, he pulls into a local convenience store and goes inside. I had gotten out to go in too when a couple of boys drove up. They said, “Man! Check out that car!!.... WAIT!!! That’s Miss V!! Holy Crap!” I dropped my cigarette really fast, stepped on it, leaned against the car with my arms folded and said, “Ya. You like this car? Stay in school boys. And you don’t say ‘Crap’ in front of a lady.” Talk about a fast switch! From sex pot to teacher in .009 seconds! Their mouths were just hanging open in shock! I really wanted the earth to swallow me, is how I really felt. Teachers ain’t supposed to look like that and ride around in hot cars! (ears burning!)

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I’m sort of me every place but there is definitely a wilder side that escapes frequently.

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@Dutchess_III That’s exactly what I mean. You nailed it. We put on these different masks so I almost think that “multiple personality disorder” and “female” are synonymous. The quick change can be so drastic.

I’d be really interested to hear if men do the same thing.

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Hmmm. Never thought of it as a gender thing!

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Interesting question and my answer would be many. Y’all know me as Cruiser and even though I am almost all Cruiser in real life there is a part of me here that does not get much daylight off line. I am dad Cruiser to my kids, husband Cruiser, Fluther Cruiser, AB Cruiser, President Cruiser, Manager Cruiser, Salesperson Cruiser, Scout Leader Cruiser, friend Cruiser and even though each of these roles are distinct and unique…they are who I am. So I may wear many hats, but there is one person under them all.

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Cruise on, dude!

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When I was working I had my at work personality and as I get back into the workforce I am discovering that personality is coming back. Then I am mom first and formost I need to meet the kids needs, then fun mom, then mom to make sure they are learning everything they need to, then I am mom to a special needs child who I need to wear a hat where I have to fight for all her and what she gets right now we are starting the big fight with the school department but I have fought the insurance company for things the doctor was perscribing and they didn’t want to cover, a foster mom fighting the system and making sure the child never feels she is a foster child where I take all the ups and downs of everything that happens in this and going to court, then I am a friend to my friends, a sister to my sisters, daughter, and all while trying to date. Sometimes I don’t know if there is enough me to go around but I make it so there is and no one feels slighted.

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Always do @Dutchess_III Sometimes gets a little crowded when I do!! ;))

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It’s just me and the 19 year old girl.

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There’s one me and an abundance of flat, dimensional facets.
The talks too loud; the barely audible; the talks too quickly; the can’t talk for stumbling over the words. The smiles at everyone. The stony-faced. The one always about to cry. The mean, cold, rigidly logical. The intense, hypercrytical. The very withdrawn, fluid emotional. The impulsive. The empathizer. The distancer. The comparer. The linear. The very non-linear. The impatient. The waiting forever. The pessimestic. The cynical. The laugher. The one who envelopes herself in a topic, dives into it, breathes it. The one who skirts the surface. The one who pulls a few buckets up to view, fully dry. The one who wants to loyally impress. The one who wants to do everything herself. The painfully insecure. The one who wants to boss. The one who hates the world. The one who wants to leave. The one who wants to hide. The one who screams for all the beauty. The one who loves the flight of the run, the leap. The lump. The slug. The lithe and subtle and graceful. The barbaical thudder. The rule-follower. The thinks-she’s-a-cool-rebel. The independent. The follower. The either-or. The infinite. The definite. The undefinable. The unreliable.

And then, somewhere inside me, but not me, is the puppet master, who has attached a string to all those different facets, and pulls the ones of his choosing to available action.

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Probably to many to mention. I’m whatever I need to be. Friend, wife, mother, sister, daughter, nurse, helper, listener, teacher, student, cook, devil, angel, whatever is called for.

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A friend of mine once told me that women are devious. She was very proud of her ability to pull one over on her husband. I half believed her until she got caught by her husband. Unless it’s some kind of double reverse backhand deviousness.

Yesterday, I was in the farmer’s market picking out vegetables and suddenly there’s a familiar face. She knows my name, but I tell her, “I know your face, but I can’t pick out your name.” It turns out she’s a client of mine. Instantly we’re “talking shop” there at the market.

Later on in the day, I’m at the theater where my daughter’s dance recital is. My son wants a snack, so I’m doing the father thing, and taking him to get a snack. But it turns out I don’t have any singles. So I’m standing there when this really beautiful woman with grapefruit sized boom-booms popping out of her too-tight blouse.

She asks me if I need change. Instantly I’m in flirt mode. She’s says something about being the vending machine guy’s wife, and she pulls out a wad of cash. Anyway, I’m in high energy wundayatta mode for about two minutes and then she leaves and I’m back to Dad. I wonder what my son thought of it all.

Back when I was having affairs, I had to switch from lover to husband a few times a night. My wife had no idea what I was doing until I told her. It’s amazing how quickly the lies appear, just when you need them.

They say it’s hard to lie because you have to keep all your stories straight. But I have a good trick now to take care of that kind of thing. My memory is for shit, these days. So it doesn’t matter if I can remember anything. It’s normal to forget. My ability to make things up as I go along—as in tell stories—is also pretty handy—not for lying, but for spinning tales. People believe them. Kind of fun.

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Seven. And they all say hi! Except Francis, but don’t worry about him, he’s a prick.

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I’ve said in the past that there are 100 me’s inside… but I don’t know them all yet!

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1. The bitch.
2. The mom.
3. The sister/daughter.
4. The friend.
5. The sweetheart.
6. The good neighbor.
7. The wife/best friend/slut.

@ddude1116 is on to something. Seven is the number.

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Anyone or anything the situation calls for, and I can change immediately, I’ll just need some down time at some point to try and find myself again.

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This is all about the roles or scripts that people play. We sometimes have to put on various facades in order to function successfully in our daily routines. For instance at work toward the end of an exhausting day I have to act the part of a hard working guy filled with energy and very happy to be there with a smiling face. And of course I better act that way when I get home but by then it is usually genuine happiness that I display.

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I’m Grumpy Cat, and a compulsive helper.

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