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Whats the best restaurant in Chicago IL?

Asked by WaloWalo (6points) April 26th, 2008


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The only restaurant I have eaten at in Chicago is Bubba Gumps on Navy Pier and it was somewhat pricey but very good and fun. There is a delicious restaurant in nearby Schaumburg called Texas deBrazil that is well worth the train/car ride. It is an all you can eat for $45.00 per person with a delicious Mediterranean salad bar. The main course is different cuts of meat on large scewers and served by waiters walking around to all the tables. Each diner has a card with a red and green side (stop and go, which is ironic because Bubba Gumps has two license plates at the table thats say run Forrest or stop Forrest) so the waiters know to come up to your table or not. It is delicious and one of only five in the United States. They also have an excellent drink and dessert menu to top off the great food.

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I love Blackbird. Also the Rick Bayless restaurant Topalabombo I’d great.

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For Chicago style pizza: Gino’s East. For good Italian: The Italian Village (they have three restaurants, ranging in price). My absolute favorite greasy spoon/ breakfast joint is Lou Mitchell’s (they have the BEST coffee in the universe. And yes, I’ve traveled the universe). It all sort of depends of what you’re into. Amazing Chinese: The Great Seas (on Devon). There’s this wonderful little Polish restaurant (BYOB) called Smak Tak on North Elston. Oh, and my favorite Greek food in on Central Ave (NOT in Greek town): Central Gyros. Best Chicago hot dog: Superdawg (But please, don’t order a ‘hot dog’. They sell Superdawgs.)

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