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Do you agree that love is used as an excuse for many things ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) June 12th, 2011

Something of a pool.

Used as an excuse for many things like procreation / help [ aid ] / war / conflicts / murders etc. When someone does a thing I hear ” I did it for love OR love made me do it ”

I’m Mostly interested in YES or NO replies not long debates ^^

Try to stick to yes or no replies please.

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Yes, but it can be love for many things. I would lay the blame for wars, etc. at the feet of religion rather than love.

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Yes, just like its twin, hate.

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Many things are used as excuses for many things.

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Yes, I agree.

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Under the orange tree.

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Please God tell me you’re not going to use the results in this “pool” to represent any kind of general population?

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[ Smacks @6rant6 upside da hed wid a huge trout ] Hush! : )

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Never an excuse.

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Yes. Isn’t it funny how often love is surprisingly indistinguishable from one’s own personal desires?

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It seems a yes and no system doesn’t work. Is love an excuse for it not doing so? lol

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Thanks for replies ^^

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Yes, they use it as an excuse….all the time.

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