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Which artist designs cartoon posters with hundreds of characters?

Asked by Rheto_Ric (1177points) June 13th, 2011

My dentist used to have posters on the wall that were basically hundreds of cartoon characters in a situation, like the Olympics. I can’t for the life of me find these posters anywhere.

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Richard Scarry?

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I’m afraid not. They were a little more adult in nature. Nothing too raunchy, just a bit of comic nudity here and there. The poster I remember best was a running track with a myriad of events happening all at once. There was also a winter olympic one. Cartoon style was quite balloonish – big noses, big hands.

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The artist is Jan Van Haasteren. His artwork is typically printed for use on jigsaw puzzles. Here is a print of the Track and Field/Olympics you are talking about.

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Scott C. does that sort of thing occasionally. But your dentist would have to be awfully cool to have some of his art hanging up.

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@rpm_pseud0name I love Van Haasteren’s puzzles. Interesting to know his creations may also be in poster form.
@Rheto_Ric Are any of the suggestions what you were looking for?

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