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Best way to get a (same day) loan?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) June 13th, 2011

trying to take out a small ($1500/2000) loan. is it possible to get it same day at a bank?? if not, how CAN you get one?

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Possible but not probable, depending on your credit history, income verification, etc.

Your best bet is a personal loan if you want immediate approval.

I’ll loan you 2k, at 10% interest. lol ;-)

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Possibly from one of those payday loan companies but they are going to tear you a new one with the interest. Assuming they are legal in your state. If you have a clear title to your car.

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@woodcutter im looking at one of those right now. it doesnt say anything about the interest rate. and what do you mean clear title to a car? what does that have to do with the loan site?

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Give them your firstborn to hold as collateral.

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I would try your bank or a local credit union before going to one of those payday loan places. Most of the time, those payday loan places charge a very high interest rate. As for the clear car title that @woodcutter mentioned, some of those places basically want your car as collateral for the loan.

Whatever you do, make sure you read all the paperwork (fine print and all) before signing anything.

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i dont have a car lol. thats what the loan is for.

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Those loan companies want astronomical interest rates. If you can go to a credit union, you would be much better off.

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@futurelaker88 Some small loan companies want your car as collateral. It only works if it has no lien on it. Interest is going to be significantly more than if you went to a bank in almost every case. It’s like convenient store prices, you pay more for the convenience, that, and the fact that almost all their clients are high risk of defaulting on the contract so they jack up the interest to compensate. In some places these enterprises are illegal because of the fact they are considered predatory lenders by some lawmakers.

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Ask your mother.

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Keep in mind that if you take out a 2K loan and pay it back in full next month it will be about 2500 bucks after the interest and fees. If it is for a car find a dealership that will work with you.

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I almost blew Gatorade out of my nose when I saw an ad with none other than Montel Williams shilling for one of these loan sharkers. These places target low income people into signing their life away basically and to see Montel leading his “people” into that trap. He should be deeply ashamed of himself.

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Money is not gained quickly. Save up by working, and riding the public transportation. You might want to borrow 1500 dollars, but because of the interest rates, you may end up paying 3500 back to them. STAY AWAY!

Either save the money – or if you must borrow, use reputable sources like credit unions.

STAY AWAY. I warned you.

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I’m with @squirbel on this. Cash advance places can be really easy to get behind on if you don’t pay it off in full as soon as you can. And never, ever, get a cash advance on your car title (whenever you get one).

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Back before the credit crisis I would have said that would have been a possibility but now banks are really under scrutiny about whom they are loaning to these days so loans are much much harder to get. If you have impecable credit possibly but even then I wouldn’t that would happen.

DON’T DO ONE OF THOSE QUICK CASH PLACES YOU WILL LIVE TO REGET IT! You are better off asking a friend or a family member for a loan until you can get one on your own.

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Stay away from payday loans! Seriously. I did it. Seemed like such a good idea when I was short on cash and my paycheck wasn’t due for another week. They’ll approve you as long as you have a bank account with direct deposit from your employer. They’ll offer you anywhere from $200—$2000 depending on your income. It’ll seem too good to be true because it is. Don’t do it. The fees are insane and make it nearly impossible to repay the loan. I am in serious debt because of a couple payday loans. Go to a reputable bank or ask a relative. Just don’t apply for any payday loans or fast cash type of thing. I wish I would have educated myself more before accepting the money!

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The payday lenders survive by hooking unsuspecting people who are in a rough patch and they find themselves in a trap that they can’t get out of. The best they can do is keep renewing the loan because they never can come up with the funds to pay it all off. I wish they would outlaw these places. We got snared once and took years to finally break free. They sure ended up with a lot of our money in comparison to the original loan amount. It’s enough to make one sick. holding off gag reflex :/

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