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When and where was the airplane established?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5906points) June 13th, 2011

My uncle and I are arguing about where the airplane was really made. The Wright brothers were born and raised in Ohio. They even created a plane there.

But, they also had tested a plane in North Carolina. I live in Ohio and My uncle in North Carolina. We’re watching a documentary on it right now to prove our points.

On the North Carolina liscence plate, it says “First in Flight”. The Ohio liscence plate says “State of Amusement and Aviation.”

So, which is Wright?

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North Carolina is where the first flight took place, but I give credit to the Ohio Wright Brothers for creating the contraption. Think of it this way, if the Wright brothers had gone to Mexico to test their airplane, your uncle would be saying the airplane is American, because Americans invented it. See what he says, and let me know.

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Gustave Whitehead beat the Wright brothers by about two years (and in Connecticut), but he didn’t have their PR.

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Actually, there are more claims to the first flight than that:

“By the time the Wright brothers got their flyer up in the air, flying was a hobby for New Zealand farmer Richard Pearse. Working single-handedly in his barn, he designed and built his own engine and flying machine. Datings suggest that Pearse made his first flight in March 1902.”

“John Springfellow and John Henson’s steam-powered flyer of 1848.

A South African named John Goodman Houshold is said to have made his first flight in 1870.

Shivkur Bapuji Talpade’s Marutsakthi aircraft of 1895.

The early flights (1898 to 1905) made by Alberto Santos Dumont.”


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Don’t forget John J. Montgomery who made one of the first controlled flights in California in 1883.

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My great, great grandfather had a patent number on the aircraft he designed. I am investigating this patent number. He was a Pennington and lived in N. Carolina. He became ill and his wife sold the rights to his plane to the Wright Brothers.

Still investigating this,

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