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What music clears your mind?

Asked by rOs (3524points) June 13th, 2011

Certain music has a spiritual quality to it that seems to speak to me on a primal level. It inspires, lifts, and ignites the senses. This kind of music makes me feel high(er), no matter what language or genre.

What (preferably obscure) music have you found that does this for you? Also, feel free to discuss the ways music affects/ has affected you (on drugs or not!).

Some artists that do this for me are Shpongle, Cheb i Sabbah, Bluetech, Afro Celt Sound System, and Tycho Brahe.

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The sound of my own breathing.

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I don’t listen to any music when I meditate.If anything,I will sometimes light a candle.

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* I originally asked what you listen to while meditating. I should clarify: what music has had a positive effect on your mind? What effects are those?

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Piano music helps me relax, makes me feel kinda light. I don’t exactly listen to it whilst I meditate but listen to it whenever I need some quiet, calm down time.

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Definately Enya… When I was in the dorm with my best friend, we would just stay up all night listening to Enya, drawing crazy stuff and lighting a scent. And just talk about life…. Enya has power ;)

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This Scarlatti Sonata makes me smile.

This piece by R Carlos Nakai makes me feel centered and calm.

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I listen to a radio station at night that carries a program call Echoes and is very calming relaxing “spiritual” music. No vocals just very calming sound-scapes.

Hard rock and blues turned to 11 on the amp does the same for me!

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Yaaaay Shpongle.

It’s Aphex Twin for me, particularly his Selected Ambient Works stuff.

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Enya is particularly good at this. As is the music of Respighi and Poulenc I’ve found.

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None really. Music distracts me.

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And makes me starting thinking about all sorts of things.

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I traveled in Asia last year and picked up some amazing Cd’s of the Toroko natives and forest/jungle sounds with native instruments. Awesome, I go to sleep a lot with the night sounds of the Formosan native sounds, flutes, drums and wildlife.

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I don’t meditate. If my mind needs clearing it’s no doubt because I’ve been seriously riled up. Probably by the sort of exchange that leaves you feeling like more of your brains are on a brick wall than in your head.

In those situations the only music that can bring me down is hard. It’s metal or punk and that’s it. Anything less is sickeningly saccharine when I’m pissy. But aggressive music alleviates my desire to grind my teeth down to the gums. It’s funny, people have a lot of negative associations with aggressive music, but it does make me a calmer person and I imagine I’m not the only one.

my favorite musical balms:

Ajattara – Keuhkot
Hypocrisy – Eraser
Thyrfing – Voyager
Nirvana – Negative Creep
The Violent Femmes – Kiss Off
Big Black – Precious Thing

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Beautiful silence

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I really enjoy African tribal music ..especially water drumming (this sample is Vanuatu but it’s very similar).
Many Enya tunes are nice this.
Much of Bobby McFerrin’s work is relaxing as well this and this.

For calming music ..I tend to like music that is very prehistoric in nature (using vocals, the body and “primitive” instruments or the environment to make music).

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Ai no Melody by Kookia.

It’s japanese, but it’s a beautiful song about love. I don’t really like english songs.

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Sunn O))) – Akuma No Kuma is pretty intense. I would definitely recommend listening to this under the influence of something. :)

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I agree with fundevogel . Heavy, hard rock music clears my mind. Several years ago, before the death of my Mother, I frequently ended up caught up in her dementia & it frequently pushed me to the edge of my own sanity. After dealing with her (in her declining condition) I would sometimes find myself driving over the freeways with my mind going like a gerbil in an exercise wheel. When things reached this state of affairs, I would turn on the stereo in my car & tune in the hardest rocking station I could find & turn it up to the point that it would drive all of my spinning thoughts out of my mind. After awhile my stress level would even out & I could return home, much more at peace.

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Hell yes… the album Mushroom Jazz by The Earl.

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Wednesday morning ->

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Now We Are Free – Enya
The Ludlows – London Symphony Orchestra
Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap
pretty much any nice piano instrumental.

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