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If you were forced to eliminate every physical possession from your life with the exception of what could fit into a single backpack, what would you put in it?

Asked by AshLeigh (16200points) June 13th, 2011

As asked.

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Laptop, hunting knife, flask, a blanket and a change of clean clothes.

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Clean clothing, can opener, dog food, food, matches, bottled water, knife, a book or two.

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what @poisonedantidote has, plus:

Good nylon tarp,
high quality leatherman tool,
fishing set (hooks, line, backpacking rod and reel)
sewing kit
4 pairs wool socks,
waterproof over-pants,
backpacking cookset,
MSR stove,
backpacking water filter
matches and fire starter
backpacking shovel

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Mom’s wedding ring
a handful of family photos
a mug
debit card
a vibrator
clean bra
clean pants
clean jacket
clean shirt
clean socks
clean pjs
a camera
swiss army knife
a rolled up blanket
can opener

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A tophat and a cane.

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laptop with charger

gun and extra ammo


paracord, space blankets, emergency ponchos, waterproof matches, firestarter steel, fishing line/hooks/weights, multivitamins, water container and purifier

toothbrush and paste, extra socks and undies

I could fit alot more also, but my mind is gonna explode just thinking about the list.

Oh, and a bottle of whisky

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Chargers and plugins and boring electronic stuff
Some personal trinkets
All my money

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Am I allowed to raplace things later on? Haha.
My list:
My laptop/charger. (Assuming I still have electicity)
My cell phone/charger.
The sweater that still smells like him…
Mr. Duckerson.
Everything else can be replaced.

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My pussycat.

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My camera, pillow and favorite jammies and sweatshirt. Baby pics of the kids too.

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I suppose I’ll allow it. :P

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A netbook with 100 TB full of porn, ebooks, games, music and some clean underwear.

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My swiss knife, all my money, blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, 2 extra pairs of jeans, some tops, gloves, some cans of food, dehydrated milk, chewing gum, my mobile and charger and… some chocolate.

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Haha. Chocolate. :) Good idea. xD

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Family photos

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@AshLeigh Chocolate is a must :D

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SolarRoll (laptop charger).
Flint striker.
Leatherman multi-tool.
An extra change of clothes.
Extra sunglasses.
Extra hat (like a bush hat).
Small first aid kit.
Pencil and writing notebook.
Emergency food bars.
Hard candy.
Dental floss.
Water purification bag.

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I agree.
You need chocolate to be fully prepared for the inevitable Zombie Apocolypse, as well as any midget insurrections that may or may not occur. ;)

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My best jewelry and most versatile pair of heels. I’m assuming I can have the clothes on my back, the shoes on my feet and a handbag.

My choices of clothes would be my favorite boots, a dress and a coat. My little doggie would ride in the backpack.

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Family photos and a box with a fair amount of gold and silver. : )

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Laptop with charger, a few favorite shirts, a water bottle and my hair mousse.

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Need to keep my hair tamed. ‘Nough said

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We have been without ac for the past six days. The temp. has been 96 each day and at least 105 in our house. Help is on the way.

I would stuff my central ac unit in my backpack and head out.

God bless the man that invented air conditioning.

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@john65pennington I feel your pain. We don’t have ac. Last week we had temps you are having. The temp inside our house reached 92F. I was miserable! thank god we have temps in the low 70s this week. I’m actually wearing a sweatshirt right now. I don’t do heat well.

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Folding saw
Pruning sheers
Mora Clipper knife x2
Cold Steel Warhead (can be mounted to make a spear)
snare wire
8 lb test fishing line and 20 lb test ice fishing line
6000–9000 calories of food, mostly high fat high protein
Mess kit (pan, pot, deep plate, measuring cup)
titanium spork
sterno stove
First aid kit, plus some herbal tinctures and salves
change of clothes
space blankets, 3
wool blanket
poncho, camouflage
fire steel
fire piston
magnesium rod
bag of tinder (mostly grape vine bark, birch bark, and cattail fluff)
iodine tablets
ceramic filter
5 pairs of socks
change of clothes
two cotton scarves/wraps
two bandanas
fingerless gloves
a few water bottles
monocular (7×18 power)
ice treads
50 ft. of 550 p-cord
Dental floss
roll of Army green duct tape
A notebook
Solar/hand crank radio (weather band, AM/FM, phone charger, and LED flashlight)
Netbook, ASUS EeePC
Cell phone
Portable CB radio
Israeli civilian gas mask
9mm pistol with a couple spare mags
A few 30 round AK mags, assuming I could grab my rifle

Aside from the firearms, this is actually what’s in my pack right now. Oh, and obviously not the computer, because I’m typing on it. I’m going camping tomorrow night.

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A pair of glasses & a smile ;¬}

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Haha. That made me smile.(:
You’re cool. :D:D:D

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@AshLeigh Dawww, you’re just saying that ;¬}

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@ucme I don’t think she’s just saying that. :) Made me smile too. Haha.

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@Faidle I aim to please :¬)

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