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I have a 1973 27 foot Catalina Sailboat that I would like to put a tabernacle on. Does anyone know how much this might cost?

Asked by twothecat (391points) June 13th, 2011

I can’t get a slip unless I can get into the upper harbor. In order to do that I must go under a bridge and in order to do that I’d need to get a tabernacle installed. Boat was only 2000 dollars, but I would like to get a slip.. If I can’t, I have to take it to another nearby harbor. Does anybody know how much this will cost?

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No. But I am sure you can research plenty on your own and through local marinas and other boat owners.

You may be even able to find a barter situation if you advertise.

Get creative, maybe offer a lease on your boast for help.

You purchase materials and give your helper a day or two a week free sailing privvies.

I have done this with horses before, find someone that wants to split costs for riding time. :-).

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