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How comfortable do you feel "getting amorous" when someone is in another room (of the same house)

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 13th, 2011

My girlfriend and I don’t have a problem knocking boots loudly, even though my neighbor’s bedroom is right next to mine (we share a large 150 year old home with 4 separate apartments). When I was up at my g/f’s family cabin, which is also large, I had a problem with it. Try to be quiet? Not easy. I felt as though I couldn’t relax. Chubby lost.

Do you have a problem getting the job done with your partner, when you’re in a house with someone else?

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You don’t have to be loud and obvious to be amorous. I can’t begin to tell you the times and places I’ve started foreplay with my wife (and after her, others) with people even at the same table who didn’t know, and weren’t going to.

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omg. I have such a hard time with this having 3 kids in the house. We recently installed locks on our bedroom doors and I still have a difficult time when the children are awake. It is hard to relax with giggling in the other room and worrying about the little one knocking on the door. Doesn’t exactly keep me from having fun, but I’m sure I would have a lot more sex if the house was empty. ;)

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I just make more noise than the other people! Frat houses are anything but soundproof and kids in the house never put a damper on things for me.

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I am much quieter as a guest in someone’s home and will not speak in tongues as it is rude to brag of a good time.

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This reminds me of my best friend’s mom. Her mom was the nicest and sweetest mom a kid could ask for, but she was also a very strict Mormon. No soda or caffeine allowed, and we always prayed at dinner time.

She remarried and would spend sexy time with her new husband upstairs. Their bedroom was directly above the living room. My best friend and I would be hanging out in the living room watching tv when the windows would start rattling. Mom wasn’t being so “pure” at 4 in the afternoon. lol

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@lucillelucillelucille I “speak in tongues”, and, it’s muchly appreciated.

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In college it was no big deal, I didn’t care if someone heard me. Now I would care more, but I can still do it. I prefer to be noisy though.

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Peachy keen. :D
Wait how thin are the walls? Ohhh…. Um, I’m usually pretty quiet how about you? Not at all, huh. Well, ok, I’m leaving then, I don’t feel like having sex with you 10ft away from your dad. Oh alright turn on a fan, I’m sure that will work. He’s a heavy sleeper right?

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I feel a bit weird if people other than my family are in the house. Other than that we just shut the door and pretend nobody can hear us.

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Well, yeah. it’s kind of rude IMO. I just have a thing about respecting my neighbor’s right to not hear me doing anything let alone getting it on. It’s not all about me and what I want…

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I’m pretty comfortable with it if I know they’re ok with us having sex, or if we’re all strangers. But this having sex quietly really isn’t an option for me – even if I’m not loud, I’m still very vocal, and it just takes soooooo much concentration for me to really STFU that I can’t relax and it’s a giant mood killer.

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The donkeys on the other side of our wall do not seem to mind the noise. Lol.

Seriously, it does not seem to work for me when we’re within earshot of anyone. I always shake my head when I see these scenes in movies where characters are either doing it inside tents with people outside or in the backseat of cars with friends in the front. I don’t think I could do that.

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@mazingerz88 Yeah, but in the backseat of a car, they can’t just hear you, they can see you… That adds a whole other dimension to it.

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@MyNewtBoobs Would that dimension include the possibility of a foursome? Now that I’m in with! Lol. Just give me 3 or 4 swigs of Jack D. : )

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Not very comfortable.

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It makes things more exciting for me, and he gets to use extra measures to keep me quiet. Win-win =)

@jonsblond I don’t know if you know this or not, but religious people get it in!

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I’ve been pretty comfortable though we try to be “quiet” which basically means no loud yowling.

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