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Can you help me troubleshoot a Netflix problem?

Asked by ShipwrecksInSand (173points) June 13th, 2011

I’ll try to explain this without confusing anyone. I do not have a Netflix account. I asked a friend of mine if he could share the account with me so I could use it on my Xbox 360. It’s been working perfectly for the past three months until now. Every time I run Netflix on the
Xbox dashboard, it says “Unable to connect to Netflix”. I’ve tried many methods but none have worked so far. Please help me with this problem!

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Perhaps Netflix has linked a device address with the account—his device address, not yours.
Sort of the same way Microsoft “genuine advantage” calls home.

—this is just a guess

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The same thing happened to me tonight, only it’s my device and account. I see other people on the xbox watching movies and the websight says they aren’t experiencing any problems. Its frustrating, but at least I’m not the only one having problems.

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I just tried it again and it finally worked. Hopefully it’s working for you now too.

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Did someone hack the Microsoft xBox servers last night?

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