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Do adopted children grow up to fart similar to their guardians' farts or more similar to their parents' farts? (Nature vs Nurture question)

Asked by ninjacolin (14224points) June 14th, 2011

After watching some crows/ravens uttering english words in some video.. I somehow got to wondering if our auditory rear-flatulence is mimicked after our influences or if it’s more of a genetic call.

That is: Do we “sound out” our farts according to what we’ve heard in the past? For some reason, I suspect the sound of our farts are mimicked after “fart role models.” Perhaps people we laughed about when we were kids. Most likely our parents or legal guardians. I could be wrong though.

I would like to hear read from a contrast between adopted and non-adopted people. Do your farts sound similar to your guardians’ farts even if you aren’t biologically linked?

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Do we have any control over the sound of our farts?

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Wow, I have never wondered about any of this. No clue.

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Don’t the sound’s of any gas coming out of you have much more to do with your physical shape? My best scientific guess is that the shape of the anus & buttocks have something to do with the sound

Oh my!

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@Leanne1986, well that’s exactly what the question aims to study.

If you fart like one/both of your parents.. that’s some evidence.
But if adopted children fart more like their adoptive-parents/guardians than like their biological parents.. then I guess we’ll have an answer.

I know this is mildly embarrassing to discuss but in the name of science.. I’ll start:
I think I fart more like my mom than my dad. Sometimes like my dad but mostly like my mom. I grew up with both of them, they’re both still around, and I know from recent memory (unfortunately, lol) that they sound a lot like my fart role models.

I’ve heard lots of farts from my friends and siblings over the years. I know we all sound a little different but my siblings sound more alike than my friends. My friends who are siblings to eachother sound more alike than the rest of my friends.

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Imagine if we could control the sound of our farts! I’m sure Jim Carrey can, but I certainly can’t. I think it’s all the cultural thing. If a kid is adopted from a society that never lets them out in public but raised where folks let ‘em rip, I think they’d be more likely to to do the latter.

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@sliceswiththings That’s just it. I’m betting that we have minimal control. Control in the same way as accents. Depending on where you grow up, you will speak with a certain accent that will have a hard time leaving you as you age. I suspect our farts work the same way. I think they get accented by our fart role models.

Just a theory though..

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I’ve really no idea, hmmm. My Mother’s farts sound like a bull elephant, whereas mine sound similar to air being released from a balloon. She’s my biological mother, but our guffs are a world apart. Not sure what this says exactly, but there you go.

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I certainly hope this doesn’t turn into some stupid study. I think it really has more to do with nature. Bacteria in your intestines is what determines how bad you smell and how much gas you create, along with what you eat. If your going to eat a lot of broccoli, beans and eggs than don’t be surprised by the smell and the amount of gas. If your intestines are in poor health you will also produce a lot of gas. Certain intestinal diseases are genetic and many of them produce a lot of gas because of the over build of bacteria.

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this question made me lol

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@ucme The word guff makes me cringe. You are so Northern!!! ;)

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Oh this question has nothing to do with smells or amounts of gas. What I’m asking about is.. ahem.. anal-embouchure! haha.

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The gas supply probably has a lot to do with diet. And the guardians’ diet and example would probably have a lot of influence on fledgeling farts.

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It could be a sign of the family unit’s cohesiveness. They sit down together at the same table and share their meals. And that is a good thing. Too many families don’t eat together at all.

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@Leanne1986 Haha, I don’t actually ever say it myself. Fluff not guff!
Northern & proud pet ;¬}

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Lol ..interesting question. I think it has more to do with nature than nurture. It primarily has to do with what one ingests. Seeing how families (especially with younger children) eat the same types of foods ..their gas may be similar. Then again, not everyone can digest certain foods very well.
I really don’t think anal embouchure is something one can learn from others. It’s not like we ever sit there and stare at people’s anuses, or ani, while they fart ..and then practice with our own.

I can’t believe I’m trying to logically explain this.

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I understand your counter-theories. I really do.
But we’ll find out more when we hear from adopted ani owners.

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