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On a scale ranging form 0 to 10 how incorruptible are you ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) June 14th, 2011

The scale:
0 – you cannot be corrupted
10 – I dare not say [ you have no control ]

Be it money / power / fame / respect / sex etc etc
Can others corrupt you with something ?
Are you easily corruptible or you stick to what you got and what you will get.

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I’ll start.
I’m about a 6 or 7.
Sometimes i get corrupted by others / sometimes I let the guard down and don’t even notice that I’m letting things go by / sometimes I let others persuade me.

I’m working on improving this things.

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In uniform all those years, I had every opportunity to commit a crime or adultry. But, I did not. I have guarded over one million dollars, by myself and every penny was accounted for after the Christmas Holidays.

I think i will have a T-shirt made that has nothing but a zero on the front and back of it.

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Zero, zip, nada, zilch.

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I am a 2.. I admit I have been corrupted a few times.

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I’d give myself a B.

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When I was younger, I was about a 4. Now, I definitely cannot be corrupted. : )

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I don’t care if someone offered me 50 million dollars to do something illegal, immoral or otherwise against my better moral judgement…nope, sorry.

I have 5 acres and even though it would be a small thing, I can’t bring myself to grow one marijuana plant. Sure, I could ‘get away’ with it, but, I don’t like doing things that bring anxiety upon myself or that could cause me legal trouble of any kind.

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Depends. Just for money. 0
My life or someones life hangs in the balance 9. I don’t say 10 because I would assume that may involve murder or torturing someone. I wouldn’t have the stomach for that.
Everyone is corruptable if you apply the right pressure.
Why do you think the president has guards for his family? They can be his achilles’ heel.

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0 and 7.
Related to the things I believe strongly in, my morals and values… 0
But if one of my students were to put a jetski or snowmobile in front of me, I mighta coulda peer carefully over my cat-eye spectacles contemplating… then let down my English teacher bun, toss the specs and go on a rip-roaring ride!
Oh hell, I already did that! XD
I’m corruptible when it comes to having clean, good natured fun

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I’ll say a 1 or a 2. (I can resist everything except temptation)

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Somewhere between 0 and 10.

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Tell me which answer you want and I’ll tell you how much it’ll cost you.

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About a 1 or 2. And only then, when it pertains to smoking certain herbal substances which shall remain nameless…

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Depends on the issue and what you’re bribing me with. If it’s something that I find valuable, -33
If I couldn’t care less and don’t see any value in the matter, 9

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0 or 1, unless someone’s life was at stake. Then it would probably be 8.

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Maybe a 2? I’m thinking of episodes what others would consider corruption and any that involved me were by my choice. I don’t think anyone’s pushed me yet to do something against my ideals or whatever that I couldn’t have skipped. I’ve done horrible things but I don’t blame anyone else and I don’t think I had any momentary lapses of reason either, I did them with premeditation and deliberateness for whatever purposes.

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I’m more easily swayed rather then predisposed to corruption…unless that’s the same thing. I can usually save myself by being rude, then walking off, mostly.

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0. I can’t be talked into something I have no inclination of doing at all. If I do something it’s because I wanted to not because someone offered me something for it. I don’t care for money and I especially don’t want fame so I wouldn’t give up my morals and who I am for either of those things.

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I do the corrupting not the other way around.

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Thanks for replies ^^

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No matter how strong we think we are, there is always a Perfect Storm that can take us out.

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A 0 when I realize what’s going on, otherwise, I fear, I’m more of a 2.

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