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How much do you deceive others ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) June 14th, 2011

It’s simple.

When promising something do you keep your words ?
When another can rely on you do you betray that trust or you help him like he thinks you’ll act ?
DO you tell lies to get something out from others and then forget what you did ?

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I strive to be as honest and reliable as possible. I am only human, however. I would like to think that we all try the best we can. This helps me get through the day without resentment and distrust of other people, who appear to put little effort into even striving towards honesty.

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Only if I’m in serious revenge mode, which is rare. I don’t deceive because I know I’m good at it and it’s nothing to use on people.

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I am very trustworthy and practice no deceit, mind games or other infantile bullshit of the grossly immature and emotionally screwed up.

If I have to change a plan I am prompt in letting the other party know asap.

I rarely make ‘promises’ but I do follow through on what I say I will do, short of sickness or disaster or a rain check, because of such, or because of rain. lol

I do not tolerate deceptions and mind games of any kind.

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I’m as honest as I know how to be. I do not say “yes” when I mean no. I do not employ manipulation tactics to get my way or to get sympathy. I try to communicate openly, not passively.

I see no beneficial reason to lie….this includes lying by omission.

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I almost always keep my word – if I fail to do that I have trouble forgiving myself. But yes, I deceive people all the time. I smile when I’m sad or angry. I say everything is “fine” when it’s not. I sometimes tell people what they want to hear because I can’t stand to hurt anyone’s feelings – especially in person. This is partly my sense of compassion and partly me not wanting to feel trapped by other people’s emotions. Another person’s sad expression can literally make me feel like running away. It’s a hang up. I’m working on telling the whole truth in a tactful way that doesn’t offend and being brave enough to endure the reaction. It can be challenging for me.

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I deceive others daily. I tell the docs what they want to hear, I tell my parents what they want to hear, hell, I’m a volunteer youth leader at the local church but I’m a nihilist, and I teach little 10–13 year old children about god. Some friends see me as only a good solid reliable person, others see my sneaky devious side, some see only the lover in me, some only see the hate and cynicism in me. I am whoever the event calls for.

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I take great care before I make a promise to do something for a person. I’ll only make a promise if I think I can carry through on that promise. But sometimes I do make promises that I can’t carry through on. I feel very bad about that.

I do hide things that I do. Like fluther. That’s a secret activity for me. Hiding is deception, I think. I hide other things, as well. I don’t like doing that, but I have conflicting promises and I don’t know how to meet my promises without deception.

Today I’ve made a promise to myself that is going to be very hard to keep. If I don’t keep it, than a lot of serious and painful effort will be wasted.

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Ehhh it pretty much depends on what they have done to me.

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Well I have never broken a promise if that’s what you want to know. I personally don’t go back on my word and have no reason too. “Honesty is the best policy,” as I have always been taught. I also don’t make promises unless I am certain I can follow through, as this removes chances of lies and deception.

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In my personal relationships, very rarely. I really haven’t had any need to aside from some small white lies by omission.

In relation to my job, I must deceive constantly. I’m a bad liar and so it’s a challenge for me to pretend interest when I don’t have it or muster patience with very rude or disgusting people. It’s my job to appear consistent, calm, patient and attentive.
I’m grossly underpaid.

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Deception takes too much energy. If I have to go through the effort of deceiving you, I’d rather not be bothered with you.

As for promises…I don’t make ‘em. I’d rather disappoint you now by not making a commitment, than by making a commitment I may be unable or unwilling to fulfill later on.

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Ok, I change my answer to what @SABOTEUR wrote. Bravo!

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I lie a healthy amount.
It seems like an oxymoron, but I believe too much honesty can ruin any relationship.

I don’t lie to hurt.
When I want to hurt a person I am intensely honest. The ring of truth immensely more power to wound than even the most well timed lie.
Great answer, @King_Pariah

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@Hibernate Can you really trust any of the answers to this question? I could say “not at all,” but perhaps I would be deceiving you.

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