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What would make you hate a person?

Asked by MilkyWay (13650points) June 14th, 2011

What can or will make you _hate_a person?
It can be anything that you dislike: their behaviour, something they say, the way they treat you… anything.
Please let me know, thanks.

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Ignorance, arrogance, being just plain obnoxious, hypocritical, narrow minded, etc. thus I hate everyone including myself, Thus I am a self imposed pariah.

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Liking onions.

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I guess I’d be pretty pissed if someone stabbed me lol.

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If I was an irrational and an emotional person, then I guess those traits would enable me to hate.

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Intentional cruelty.

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RUDENESS! That, or being a phony.

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It would have to be a serious action like hurting my family or myself. I always ‘hate’ people really briefly because I’m secretly emotional; then I realize that hating people is a simplistic reaction on my part. I’ve worked with catty women and encountered people who tried to sabotage me in one way or another, but if you refuse to react there is usually a real and usually decent person beneath the attitude. Sometimes a potential nemesis turns out to be a good friend who is grateful that you didn’t write them off.

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There isn’t anyone that I have ever hated. The closest was a co-worker who used to go ballistic and on the attack with us. At first, I thought she might have some type of social disorder and just waved it away. It wasn’t until I witnessed her pouring on the charm with clients, who adored her, that I realized her behavior was more likely to be a choice. This could be wrong, but it seemed like it was pure manipulation.

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Having to deal with them & their shit longer than I would like.
Or as @johnpowell said, onions.

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I second the answers of johnpowell and FutureMemory: I would hate anyone who was guilty of licking onions and/or international cruelty. ;-p

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I guess I hate things more than life. Parts of people—narrowmindedness, prejudice, lies, the pretense of superiority, cruelty, rigidity. The more someone overexhibits that sort of negativity, the less I like them, and the more I want to see they have some other side of them.

To me, anger and hate are sensations of something being wrong… and I try hard to identify what’s spurring it, than feed them kindling so they become huge fires fully disconnected from their intent.
Because, for me, they’re very draining, and spending all my energy to sustain and intensify, I find blinds me in the glow of the flames.

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Someone would almost have to be the devil incarnate for me to hate them. There are people I don’t care for, and people I avoid, but I can’t think of a single person in my 68 years whom I actually hate.

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I don’t ‘hate’ anyone, but, I do strongly dislike mind games, passive aggressive bullshit, sneakiness, liars, and all manner of emotionally immature people that have zero desire to wake the hell up and become better people.

But hate…nah, if you look at the behaviors you dislike in others as unconsciousness, which is what they are, people unaware of themselves, how they work, WHY they do what they do…well, you may still choose to give ‘em the axe, but, there is no hate involved, just not a good blend for what I strive for in my life.

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Apparently serif over san-serif is cause for hate too?
But not from me. It don’t matter the size or shape of your font, it’s all letters and words to me.

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Hair color.

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Animal cruelty.

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I agree with @FutureMemory.A person who is intentionally cruel is near if not at the top of my list.

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Gee, I like onions…

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See, cruelty to animals, or cruelty to small humans, or virtually any sort of cruelty turns me off and brings my blood to a boil. But I don’t hate the perpetrator, I just hate the behavior.

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@queenie No, I don’t really hate people who like onions, I just hate onions. Is there a joke to be made about “loving the sinner, and hating the sin?” I think maybe yes.

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Abusive people.

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It would have to be deliberate deception in order to indulge themselves selfishly, something that not only would hurt me but be out of the realm of what the offending person had related to me as being desirable.

An example is a person who touts how much they want and admire fidelity, honesty, vivaciousness and then you find out they are a cheater obsessed with whatever repulses you.

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I don’t hate…I let go. People who lie, deceive and make shit up are left in the dust. Life is too short to waste on delusional people.

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Hypocrisy I hate. : /
All sorts of pedophiles I hate.

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I usually like everyone, but there is a Bar owner in town who’s getting on everyone’s shit list for being a complete idiot, including mine. Other than that, I could really care less…

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Hmm…I’m of the mind that all humans are capable of hating, but since the emotion is naturally pinned with all sorts of justifications, reasons and excuses, it’s hard to discern the raw core of hatred itself. I’m not saying anyone here who gave reasons are bullshitting; I’m speaking for myself. Which is even worse, as what I may not perceive to be hatred may very well be it.
I don’t think I’ve ever really hated anyone in my life. I’ve disliked some, a lot, but most of the reasons, from the top of my head that I can think of that would make me hate someone as it’s defined…in my real life instances, have made me fear people, rather than hate them. :/

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Hate is a really strong word that I never use and I’ve had reason to “hate” some people. I dislike some people and some have really hurt me but I don’t hate them. I choose to live my life well in spite of it. Piffle on them.

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If they deliberately did something to hurt me, maliciously and callously, I think I could hate them. Also, if they did the same to others, such as George Bush did, I could hate them.

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I do not believe in hating people. I only hate their actions.

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I couldn’t tell you specifically what makes me hate a person.
But as for the one person I hate, it’s the betrayal that gets me. It was the fact that I loved him. It was the broken promises, over and over.

Hate takes time and repetition to ferment in me. Cruelty makes me angry, but doesn’t make me hate.

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“George Bush?” WTF??

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I went on an ‘intention’ jag a few years ago, for about a year.
I still remind myself fairly often.
I was constantly asking myself what my intentions were in any given situation, even just picking up the phone to call a friend.

Pretty interesting when you get in the habit of questioning yourself. ;-)

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I don’t need a reason to hate another person; for me it’s simply a gratituous expression of malice.

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Nothing can “make” you hate a person. If you hate someone then you made that decision yourself. You are in charge of your thoughts and feelings.

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Messing with my family. That flips the switch for me pretty quickly. Also, ss mentioned above: intentional cruelty.

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Excellent answer, and excellent point! You win today! : ))

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Thank you for your answers guys, I find them very helpful. And yes, @gondwanalon made a good point in saying we are in charge of feeling or not feeling hateful towards others.
I just meant what would drive a person to consider or choose to hate someone.

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I haven’t ever been able to actually hate anyone. I tend to make excuses for people, for their actions, for their behaviour. I used to have a friend who would steal from me, and was quite shameless in mooching from me, I mean seriously, if i was paying, which was always, she’d have double portions of everything, and still expect money etc handed to her, and would just whine at me till she got whatever it was she wanted. She, along with another friend made such an idiot of me, but I didn’t end the relationships for many, many years, and eventually I only managed to cut them out of my life because 1. one of them had done something really unforgivable to me and had hurt me to such a degree that…. well even now, years later, the hurt is just as painful, and 2. because we moved away from them. If we lived close enough they would start visiting again and I’d go back to making excuses for them, for their behaviour. As I said, I haven’t ever been able to truly hate anyone, not even when they’ve really hurt me.

This is a great question honey, and GA’s honeys
huggles xx

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Hate is a very strong sentiment that only hurts the person who posses it. I would say dislike or avoid: anyone who is mean, abusive, cruel intentionally to me or my family.

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Just got rid of one similar to that. Manipulative…gah!
Me too, I have always been far too free with the benefit of the doubt, not anymore, if I doubt, you’re not gonna benefit from my friendship anymore. lol

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Great Caesar’s ghost, hate is a very strong word. I may hate the way certain people behave but I won’t hate them specifically.

How people act have and can annoy me. Being closed-minded and pig-headed is one of them. Willfully being illogical because you simple won’t expand your mind to believe anything that can’t be measured, weighed, felt, seen, or smelt.

I find rude, disrespectful people annoying and avoid them in my walk around life.

Even murderers and prostitutes I don’t hate. Those in prison maybe have done some pretty heinous acts but in the end they are still people even if they didn’t act like it.

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@Coloma <hugs> I’m sorry you had to put up with that honey, but I’m also glad you managed to get yourself out of it too. It’s more difficult than it sounds, because these kinds of people… their power over a person is exactly as you said, its in their being able to manipulate others. Sometimes I think that being the kind of person who doesn’t judge others, is happy sharing, the kind of traits that our parents try to raise us with, well instead of making a person’s life easier, happier, I think it seems to, sometimes, attract… well.. users. People who see better traits such as generosity, or caring, as weaknesses to exploit. Luckily, most people are not like them, I just wish it was easier to spot the bad ones is all.
hugs honey xx

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