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Do you think you'd be able to live without any kind of meat in your life?

Asked by MilkyWay (13705points) June 14th, 2011

I know I wouldn’t. Of course, it’s different if you’re a vegetarian, and I apologise if you are and this question seems inappropriate to you. But for the meat lovers out there, do you think you’d go mad if you didn’t get meat?
Just to clarify, I don’t literally mean die… just struggle to live.

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Huh? Of course you’d be able to live.

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I’d be fine. I might miss it sometimes, but go mad? Nope.

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Yes. I actually was a vegetarian for years (not officially or politically, it’s just that I only liked bacon, and got a few slices every 6 months), and now that I’m having meat again, I feel so much better. I have more energy, I don’t get as many headaches, I’m less cranky, less depressed. There will be days where I don’t have any meat until dinner, and around 5 pm my mood, for no other discernible reason, will be like Tool’s The Pot and I’ll have a headache. And then about halfway through dinner, my mood will change to a nice and breezy Walking On Sunshine and my headache will go away. So that seems pretty close to the clinical definition of “mad”. I’m joking, of course, there is no clinical definition of mad.

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I would miss it, yes.

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I haven’t eaten meat in years and so far have neither gone mad nor struggled to live. But who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Supper is a large salad with a crumbled hard-boiled egg in it.

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I love meat but wouldn’t go nuts with out it, just miss it terribly!!! Can we at least have clams, shrimp or something seafood then I would be perfectly content.

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Some vegetarian foods are savory and satisfying, like hummus, avocado, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, grilled tofu, nuts, and beans. When I don’t eat meat, I tend to go for fresher, healthier food like sorbet instead of ice cream or fresh fruit and vegetables. It tastes awesome.

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When I was little I was a big meat eater, and an adventurous one. Now, not so much. I developed this strong aversion, unable to stomach it as I wondered what that animal’s life was like, how much they were restrained and suffered just so I could have that much more food than I really need.
Now, I’ll occassionally eat meat if it comes from places that treated the animals humanely.
But I’ll go days, weeks, months, without eating meat and not realize, not think about it. I’ll have days at a time when even if it is there, I can’t eat it.
Most of it doesn’t even taste very good, anyway, to me. Too fatty.

Like @Haleth I go for the savory and protein-rich vegetarian rather than meat. Never without hummus and nuts and beans : )

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I’d rather not, but if I had to, I wouldn’t have any choice.
I’m an omnivore, by nature and by preference.

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I have, for several times in my life but it wasn’t enjoyable for me at all.

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I have reviewed every aspect of my life a couple of times over my life time and I am positive I could live and love my life without everything but my health and the clothes on my back. Giving up meat would be one of the easier sacrifices and gladly done if I get to keep everything else the way it is for me right now. (except for one minor adjustment to come later)

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Nah, I wouldn’t go mad. I gave up eating animal flesh for years after reading Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. The vegetarian lifestyle was later given up due to a variety of circumstances. None of them had to do with pining away for the taste of meat.

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Yes, but not when the moon is full and I’m a werewolf. : )

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I couldn’t handle it…

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I suppose technically I could, but as a raging carnivore, I’d rather not.

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Sure, I’d be able to. But why the heck would I want to?

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As someone who finds the higher cost and much longer and more complex meal preparation difficult to handle due to my financial and physical limitations, I prefer a varied diet of what is available at reasonable prices. I live in rural cattle country. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein and tofu burgers and hot dogs are not easily obtained!

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Absolutely. I’m not really one way or the other about it.

I might have to gnaw on @Symbeline though.

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@Symbeline Lol. Your raging carnivore surely beats my werewolf!

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Not a problem to go without, but it would be missed.

I don’t eat meat on Fridays in Lent; sometimes it is damn hard, mostly because I could easily have meat if i chose. I think it would easier of no meat were available, I can eat vegetarian meals no problem.

I lived in a vegetarian household that ate communally 6 days a week. By Sunday when we didn’t eat together i would crave a good chili cheeseburger.

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This is the perfect question to ask a zombie in an interview. Right @Symbeline?

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@mazingerz88 I’d love to see that. :D

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@Symbeline See that? You are going to do the interview!

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@mazingerz88 I could handle it. :)

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I’ve been a vegetarian (not vegan, cheese yes, eggs a little) for over twenty-five years.

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I could not.

I may be able to if I can still eat fish.

My vegetarian friends call bacon the “gateway meat”. :^)

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“I like animals, I’ll eat them again sometime,” quoth the pseudo-veggie.

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What about….. “man meat”?

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I’d survive. I wouldn’t like it, but I’d survive. I’d probably get used to it after a while.

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@redfeather Are we talking man man meat here? If yes, then that is definitley not included ;)
You can still have that.

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I can’t imagine my life without tubesteak.

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Well, @lucillelucillelucille, if you have to have some, and are really hard up, I would let you have a taste of mine. But only on loan. You have to give it back when you get some of your own.

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It would be irritating, but then again, what’s going stop me from getting my meat?

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@lucillelucillelucille Tubesteak! LOL. How bout Meatlog?

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Oh, let me add that vat grown meat would be a viable substitute.

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@mazingerz88 -Is that anything like meatcake or wolfburgers?

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I didn’t even eat meat when I wasn’t vegan. So yeah.

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I was raised a vegetarian, so I would say I have a higher than average tolerance for lack of meat. I could certainly live the rest of my life without another piece of meat. However, I could not live the rest of my life without any animal byproducts.

I need strawberry milkshakes periodically to live.

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Just meat, right? I can still have milk, cheese, butter, and all that good stuff? I would miss meat and probably crave it every now and then, but I could get along just fine without it.

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I’d probably be more than able, but do I want to? Nah, I must eat the arse end of a cow, for I am in touch with my neanderthal side. Bashes wife on head for nookie time frolics ;¬}

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I love veggies, fruits and herbs. Unfortunately, I love meat too. I could live without it and I don’t eat it everyday. I just don’t like the idea of never eatting lamb or having some prosciutto or filet mignon ever again.

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