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Women: how often do you shave?

Asked by JLeslie (60525points) June 14th, 2011

Legs, underarms, bikini?

Is it different depending on the season?

Does your SO care?

What part of the US or world do you live in?

When I moved to FL after college I was stunned that many women shaved every day. Such a pain. I still don’t, but probably do about 4 times a week. In the summer it is a little more than the winter.

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I shave a couple of times a week in the summer but hardly ever in the winter. It’s a pain the backside.

I only shave when the hair on my legs becomes quite noticeable. Ditto underarm hair.

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I shave my underarms daily. I typically shave my legs twice a week, unless I know I’ll be wearing a skirt or a dress or something else that would be showing my legs. My husband will comment if he notices that my legs are prickly, but he doesn’t mind, never has. Mid/NE US.

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I feel icky when I have any sort of underarm hair, so I shave that daily. I probably shave every other day for my legs.
In the winter everything goes downhill, as it if far to cold to even contemplate bare legs, so maybe only twice a week.

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I very rarely shave. I mainly wear pants, so I don’t really find the point in spending a lot of money on razors. I only shave when I wear dresses, and thats very rare.
My SO does not care, plus, it gets cold out here in Colorado.

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I only shave in the spring and summer. When the shorts come out I shave but once the shorts and the sleeveless shirts go into storage I am done shaving. Fall and winter are shave free zones for me.

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I’m sorry, but I can’t stand having any stubble. I shave almost everyday. It’s not so bad when you shave everyday cause my stubble can’t keep up and shaving time is quicker. @JLeslie most likely the woman in Florida shave alot because of the weather and the hot climate outfits for sure. I live in Hawaii and I’ve lived in Florida and So Cal. I wear alot of dresses, shorts and skirts. In fact I only have one pair of jeans that I rarely wear. If by chance I skip a day I might put on a maxi dress.
I wax my bikini area and upper legs.

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Usually every day.I like to be smooth.
My S/O says I am smooth. XD
I’m in Michigan,the land of ice and snow.

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Depend on the situation but I try to stay as clean shaven as possible if I notice any stubble I shave it, I hate hair!!! I have considered doing laser in certain places and have done so on my face but it didn’t work out too well because anything above the neck is hard to make permanent. Below is a different story they tell me, so I have considered spending the money to be permanently hairless in certain areas.

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Legs, every other day.
Pubes, once a week.
Underarm, every other day.

I live in Southwestern, Ontario (land of beer and beavers).

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Every day or every other day. I’m sure my SO doesn’t care as much as I do but I like to make sure I am smooth for both of our benefits. Stubble makes me uncomfortable.

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Everyday in the summer, hate prickles.

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@Jude Nothin wrong with beavers. Shaved or unshaved.
@redfeather Nothin right with prickles.

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Legs- every other day my ankles get a few swipes. Not much hair grows on my legs.
Armpits- every day and they do seem to grow in faster during warm weather.
Bikini- every other day. Smooth feels easier to keep clean and fresh, feels good to touch.

Does your SO care?- I don’t think he cares if I shave my bikini area or not but he likes what he calls my “girliness” of having smooth legs, armpits and arms.

What part of the US or world do you live in?- I’m in the Southwest but my hairgrowth is the same as when I lived in Northern California.

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2–3 times a week.

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Whenever I need to. :P

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I’m most like @Neizvestnaya here.

Legs-below the knee usually once per day
Armpits-daily during warm/hot weather…every other day in fall/winter
Bikini- maybe every 2–3 days. I have to be careful or I’ll make my skin too sensitive.
ARMS- I hate hairy arms. I don’t grow too much hair on my forearms, but I shave off any hairs I can see about once per month. ;)
EDIT: My husband has always stated he doesn’t care at all…but he does mention how soft/smooth my skin is.

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