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How to pick a username?

Asked by MonstrousPeace (451points) June 15th, 2011

So I have been seeking to create a new username for my email and YouTube accounts. My formers were “alicelostforever” and “christinebloodswurth”. I’m currently looking for something more mature, but still light and sweet. I was wondering how you came to find the usernames you use now, and if you had any suggestions for me. Thank you in advance!

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It can be tough. I once ended up, on one site, with the user name “Ifuckinggiveup” because the first 7+ user names I tried were already taken and I got frustrated.

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@lillycoyote Wow, that’s rough. How did you come up with your current username?

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@MonstrousPeace It’s kind of a long story as to how I arrived at that user name but lillycoyote is basically of an analogue of my real name and it has now become my primary online identity. If you encounter lillycoyote it is probably me. I used to be the only lillycoyote but I recently came across someone who seems to have appropriated my name and is using it on a site that promotes the killing of wild coyotes. That really, really pissed me off. But, I very much like your user name, MonstrousPeace. Do you want another user name? Just because I like it doesn’t really mean much, just wondering.

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LostInDarkness or maybe CalmAlice or maybe SpringAlice ^^

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Mine is my birth month, followed by my initials.

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@Hibernate Or maybe ATownCalledAlice

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Random is always good, well maybe not always…..okay some of the time it is…....oh just forget it then ;¬}

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For what it is worth, mine is a military nickname.
What is wrong with @MonstrousPeace?

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Use the one you are using here….

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Avoid the overly long, funny for a minute, strange user names. They are long to type in once you are established, and end up just being annoying.
Just ask Jeff Goldblumes Private Facilities.

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I always try to start from an idea. Usually about how I’m feeling about myself at that point in time. So I had daloon when I was crazy (the lunatic). I named myself Wundayatta when I was trying make it through one day at a time. Previous names have been made up out of my name and the instrument I play. Or a translation into another language of something I wished to be.

I need a new name now, but I know I can’t have it, so I don’t think very hard about it. Still, it’s tough, because I really don’t know where I’m at in life now. Well, hell. Maybe the name should have something to do with uncertainty. Onsertain? Ytniatrecnu? Yitniac Retnu. Or Retnu, for short. Just an example. I would never use those names. Anyone else who wants to is welcome to them.

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@wundayatta Onsertain sounds like an antidepressant or a psychiatric pharmaceutical of some sort. :-)

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Graydee (My brother) called me Faidle when we were kids, because he couldn’t say “Saydahlyn” so it came out “Faidle”...(:

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Make it easy to type in and even simpler to remember.

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LOL. Something easy to type like, say, @SpatzieLover, for example?

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@lillycoyote I’ll never forget it ;D

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@SpatzieLover, well one out of two ain’t bad. It’s that capital L in the middle that makes it a little awkward, I think. ;D

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