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What can I do to recover my email address after it has been Compromised?

Asked by graynett (1044points) June 15th, 2011

My long term email has been blocked and I left it to late to change my password. Now I can’t verify that it is my account. (To the satisfaction of Hotmail ©) Even after I’ve fill in most of the answers on the recovery form. “more than once”. I have opened a new account. Although I’ve lost contact with old friends as I can’t gain access to my address book. Is there any Hope?

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I don’t mean to be snarky, but isn’t this a question that Hotmail needs to answer? Only they can really tell you whether you can recover your email account with them…

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There are several validation methods that are used by Hotmail. If you can’t get past the various methods and questions, then I suspect the account may not be yours or you will simply not be able to get it back.

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same thing happened to me on yahoo. i had to give up and create a new one and let all my friends know my new address. Bad luck mate

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It sucks but try talking with someone from the staff [ contact someone there or a helper ]

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if you can’t verify who you are to their liking, pardon me, it sounds like you are not the person who has the e-mail account.

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@Tropical_Willie not necessarily, I changed my passowrd, couldn’t remember the new one, the alternative email was a work email that I had left and could answer none of the security questions – ‘what’s on your pinboard?’ I don’t have a pinboard!

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