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What are contractors favorite apps that help their business?

Asked by HudsonHero (245points) June 15th, 2011

I am looking for apps that are popular with contractors. The thought is that if contractors use them often, then I would too for my DIY projects & helping my friends with their DIY projects.

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Not a contractor myself, but working in cabinet and toys making.
I have a spirit level and protractor app and have used them both a few times.
More to get a global idea…, i used physical tools to be really sure.

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the only one we use, and only if we have misplaced the real one is iHandy Level.

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Are you talking about phone apps or computer software?
Are you talking about building contractors or outsourced contractors?

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Talking about app for my iphone or ipodtouch that someone who regularly works on projects find helpful (any kind of contractor or active DIYer.)

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