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Is there a difference between high quality ceramic tile or lower quality?

Asked by HudsonHero (245points) June 15th, 2011

For work we have been discussing the difference between quality of tile used in a project. Anyone have hands on experience if lower quality tile is harder to clean, maintain and hold up over time?

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Higher quality tile seems to be harder to work with, but worth it in the long run. Porcelan tile will not chip near as fast as ceramic tile. Some IS made cheaper and weaker than others

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Article 1

Article 2

For most residential purposes it really doesn’t matter. You just have to make sure that you don’t use wall tiles on the floor. Some tiles are suitable for both walls and floors. All ceramic tiles are easy to clean.

If you need tiles with more durability due to high traffic levels the articles above discuss how tiles are rated for durability.

Also, sometimes the color of the tile can affect the price. Some tcolors/glazes are more difficult to manufacture and therefore those tiles will be more expensive.

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@lillycoyote ; You aint kidding about colors affecting the price!! I wanted subway tile. Common, cheap….. if you want white. I wanted brown and the price more than trippled!!
But as my husband says, “What @Judi wants @Judi gets.” I am a lucky girl.

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One caution is “radioactive” tiles. source They are still being made in some countries. An entire housing development in our area was found to be “toxic” after a high incidence of cancer in children, because of the imported tiles.

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@Judi I did a little project of my own and it came as a surprise to me too, particularly when I thought doing a simple black and white subway tile kind of thing would be fairly straight forward. I did the half bath in white with black trim and the master bath in black with white trim. Apparently black, plain old black, is one of the more difficult colors to make. The white 3×6 inch tiles were $.77 a square foot and the same exact tiles in black were $1.84 a square foot.

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Sometimes. Most hold up pretty good. I am partial to “green” tile – good for environment. If I could link I would tell you where I got some great name brand for cheap price. LOL!
Agree with @YARNLADY about being careful where it’s made. I could tell you some pretty scary stories about product from China.

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Look below @RangerRick when you are typing and it shows you how to link below the yellow box. Welcome newbie.

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I need 80 sq feet of white subway tile. anyone know where we can buy cheap?

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@sunshine1115 ; is the a daltile in your area?

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Hey @sunshine1115 Daltile is a great brand, try Bryan’s store & you can get free shipping. I am a sucker for free shipping.

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