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Why is it that 98% of the people who come before Judge Judy are unemployed?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39825points) June 15th, 2011

Seriously. They’re all on unemployment or disability or something, somehow, making a “living” off of the state.

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25 million people in the US have no jobs. I think if you do the show you get some fee for your appearance and participation.

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I have just always assumed pretty much what @mazingerz88 said. They pay you to go on the show, and odds are the majority of us would rather not air our dirty laundry on TV and potentially be humiliated – so the people that go on the show could probably use the extra money.
Also, 98% seems like quite a stretch… a good portion of the people on the show are being taken to court for business practices that upset a customer.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Not that I’ve seen. And I watch it “religiously,” 5 to 6 every day, for the last two years. Don’t bug me when Judge Judy is on! It’s the very, very rare person who is in an established career, or whose had a job for longer than three months.

Also, no, it’s mostly individual against individual. In fact, the last six months there have been more family against family, which is disgusting. Judge J used to go off on that, but she hasn’t been recently.

The minority are individuals against business, in which case, she doesn’t bring employment up.

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I guess I could have the guests/topics mixed up between court shows. That’s possible.

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Judge Judy is the only one I can fit into my schedule. I like the younger red-haired judge too…

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It appears to me that the more time people have on their hands each day, the more trouble they can accomplish.

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I think she keeps them in her cellar & wheels them out for her own personal gratification.
Judge this mother fuckers!!

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