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How bad are pole dancing classes for kids really?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) June 15th, 2011

Many think child pageants are bad. Is a non- performing pole dance class for girls right and younger worse or better? If it teaches the girls balance, strength, flexibility, and other things they would maybe learn if they took karate, or gymnastic is it because of the perception and opinion of the pole itself? What do feminist think? Boys who shoot around the track at near 60mph might be in more danger racing go carts, so is that better or just more accepted and expected?

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WTF… This is, WTF.

If I found pictures like this on someones hard drive, I would restrain them and call the cops. What were they thinking?

If we look at it from the point of view of an extraterrestrial, that does not know about pole dancing, and they are analizing this for the first time, then yea, it’s totally fine. However, with the cultural attitude towards pole dancing and it’s reputation, you just can’t do this.

I’m about as liberal as they come, but if left up to me I would shut these people down today.

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Pole dancing can actually be beautiful. The strength and control is amazing. Unfortunately it is incredibly sexualized. I do not think it is ok for young children. Maybe it depends on the moves? I would have to know more about the specific classes. Any dance class with strengthen their core, enhance posture, muscle strenth, etc.

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Thinking on this a little further… WTF!?

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Sick shit. That’s precisely what I think

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The incidence of pole burn amongst tweens is skyrocketing. The FDA or OSHA or the NLRB should be looking into this!

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Oops, typo, that should be any dance classes will stregnthen. So, it is not reason enough to allow children to pole dance. They can take ballet, tap, gymnastics, etc.

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“Parents pay £5 an hour for their daughters to learn pole dancing at the Little Spinners classes.”

Ok, I fucking give up. .. I changed my mind. Yea, kiddy pole dancing is ok. lets build a great big one next to a suicidebomber school, and surround them both with a thousand starbucks stores.

If anyone is interested, I am now selling my toes for $10 each. Because why the hell not.

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Ok, serious answer. It seems to me that an awful lot of women have bought into the idea that women’s greatest asset is their sex appeal. They have bought it, hook, line, and sinker. We are in a post-feminist world, people, and stereotyped sex roles are coming back with a vengeance.

Of course, these are probably not the women who ever had any run-ins with feminism in the first place. The predominant model is that women are supposed to serve men and especially sexually. If they are good little sex slaves, they’ll find a man with a lot of money who will take care of them and who they can sue for a lot of money when he divorces them. Whoops. That’s thinking too far ahead.

These are little kids, and are being trained at a young age for man service. Sure, when they are 18, they will say it’s really good exercise and they can make good money. But hell, there are far too many women who aspire to go into the porn acting business these days.

I don’t think it can be fought any more. We are in the post-sex kitten world, where no form of sex or fetishism is considered beyond the pale.

Well, it’ll be interesting to see what @Symbeline will say about this.

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Erm…Jesus Hell. I must be getting old. I don’t get shit anymore. The only good thing I can think about this are the health benefits and keeping in shape.

Yeah so why the fuck not just gym class or gymnastics or something?

I suppose me playing on the monkey bars and flipping around and shit as a kid would have been disturbing to someone born in 1922. I don’t get how societal evolution…if that’s the right word…works. But I don’t like this pole dancing for kids. In one of those pics at the bottom, it also seems that the ’‘glamour’’ aspect is attributed to this. Nice. And by that, I mean, not nice.
I have noticed that from my time as a 12 year old (and this is worse since these girls are like, three) and from today with current 12 year olds, the fashion and clothing has changed quite a lot. I’m not sure I really believe that woman when she says she’s trying to break the stigma on the whole sexuality thing…@wundayatta has a right, but depressing point about the whole man service thing.

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Hot Girl – Happy birthday sweet heart, I have a surprise for you tonight

Me – Oh? whats that.

Hot Girl – I picked up a pole at the sex shop, I’m gonna give you a show.

Me – Say no more. Lets go.

Hot Girl – Ok, watch this babe!

[Music, Dance]

Me – Wow, you are making me so hot, you are great at this.

Hot Girl – Yes, I know I’m good, because when I was 5 fucking years old, my mother paid to send me to pole dancing lessons.

[FLOP! ... baggage alert mind fuck]

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@poisonedantidote Nice. Which makes me ask the question…why the hell would parents send their little girls to a class like this? Are there any parents on here who would? I’m not offended or angry; just really confused.

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I don’t like that it teaches girls that it’s good to be flexible, have good balance, and be strong for a viewer’s sexual pleasure.
I believe girls need to be taught that being strong and fit is good because of the way it makes them feel and because a fit body can do all sorts of neat things to enhance their life.

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This is totally creepy. If I wanted my daughter to learn balance and get core strength and whatnot I’d put her in karate so she could beat the shit out of some sickos.

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@redfeather I’m not giving you a great answer.

I’m giving you a perfect answer.

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Oh yeah, geez, I can’t think of any other way to learn strength and flexibility. I think it’s a swell idea. Why don’t we have boys do it is all I want to know.

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@Symbeline thank you, thank you.

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I’m so happy my little girl wants to play hockey.


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Really, really, bad imo. Little girls want to go to Chuck E Cheese or play in the park and get muddy just like little boys. What is the point of projecting one’s own sense of coolness or sexualizing little kids? No little girl (or boy) says “mommy I want to learn pole dancing.” I think adults need to leave them alone already – stop using them. They can dance on poles if they want to but let the kids be kids.

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I think they should come out with a crib that has a pole in it to help get them used to it too.
I mean, it’s just a pole, right?

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I feel like I need to scrub myself after looking at those pictures. So, uh, yeah. That’s some sick shit, right there..

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Pole Dancing is an amazing workout. Technically, one could say it falls under the category of cross fit as it combines strength building and endurance. I know that a couple local gyms offer pole dancing as a class for all ages and genders because of, well, it’s one hell of an exercise. I also know several girls and a few guys who take these classes and most of them I know are not the type to use what they learn for some bucks at a titty bar. I’d do it if it didn’t coincide with the local fight club.

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There are more extreme things than child pole dancers. If you tried to help female relatives under 18 find info about modeling you can come up with some pretty extreme sites even though all their clothes are still on, and one would wonder why they would create a site for their daughter like that?

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Pole dancing for kids? Is this shit for real? If you want your child to be fit and active, wtf is wrong with ballet, soccer, ice skating, gymnastics, or anything other than pole dancing?! There’s no reason why a child should ever be on a stripper pole. I’m open minded but come on!

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Okay any parent that has convinced themselves that this is okay is deluded. Any benefits of pole dancing can be acquired through other physical activity too. So there is no excuse.

I understand that it takes strength, training and technique and that there are proper competitions now, but we are all thinking the same thing: omg thats so sexy/hot. Not to mention the less clothes you wear the easier it is to do the moves on the pole (cloth is slippery). So please parents… until the social tabboo/stigma/general impression of pole dancing is removed, please have more consideration for your daughters. Let them make their own decision of joining them when they’re 18.

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While I would agree with you that pole-dancing can be a good workout, why limit the question it to female children? Why not include males or adults? And if you want to build a defense for pole-dancing, why choose this article?

Take a look at this UK Pole Dancer Toy designed for girls. It is marketed with a grown woman in an bikini and includes a garter belt and was marketed with, “Unleash the sex kitten inside…simply extend the Peekaboo pole inside the tube, slip on the sexy tunes and away you go!”

@Hypocrisy_Central I normally appreciate your questions, but this one alludes me.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I normally appreciate your questions, but this one alludes me. The chronology of the question started months ago, someone posted a question about ”Toddlers in Tiaras”. No one thought very highly of the show, or the ideal of having kids prance around smiling at the judges, learning dance routines, the fake tans, and wiggling their hips. Then I see this story about kiddie pole dancing classes, they are not performing so I wondered if the classes was just as bad or worse as the kiddie pageants. I know most people have a negative perception of pole dancing even if mom was ding it and not the kid. With no performing, no one sees anything she is doing, less her parents. Unlike pageants where there is an audience, so does the pole make it worse even if it is not an open performance? In addition, boys maybe girls now, get involved in go-kart racing, at the high end of the sport those cars can fly as fast as 60mph. I am thinking that can be dangerous yet hardly a bad word said about it and wondered was it because we as a nation in the US grew up with a history of racing and therefore more accustomed to racing, or we figure boys are tougher and that is the reason no big to do; danger notwithstanding? I was exploring those issues.

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What’s wrong with a bit of Polish dancing anyway…...oh, I see what happened there.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Ah, a belated thank-you for the explanation.

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Is this OP a free publicity for the owners of these places?

A lot of times someone says “Is this wrong to do should it be illegal?” etc , they bring up the worst things to create a contrast to.

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@flo I seriously doubt that @Hypocrisy_Central is attempting to create free publicity for children’s pole-dancing classes. I believe what he is attempting to do by using contrasting (and accepted) scenarios is point out that pole-dancing, while still holding a physical risk like any sport, is stereo-typed.

What if pole-dancing was not affiliated with strip clubs? What if it was an Olympic category? It takes great strength and agility to master a vertical pole, just like it does in all of the gymnastic categories. Would people frown upon pole-dancing classes for children if this stigma wasn’t in place?

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By the way I didn’t mean to agree that go-cart is way worse, it is not, (physical accident it don’t necessarily have a long lasting effect and noone is abusing anyone there is no comparison) I meant just in geneeral Perople sustain serious physical trauma, from go-cart etc. and/or way worse psychological one from being abused. ”These are little kids, and are being trained at a young age for man service.”

@Pied_Pfeffer re. your 2nd paragraph, you got what I could post as a response already in so many of the responses above.

Also, I guess @wundayatta‘s post “These are little kids, and are being trained at a young age for man service.”.... “I don’t think it can be fought any more.” reads as

“and I’m disguisted, stop this degradation, stop helping the peadophiles,...”?

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Parents allow this ? All I have to say is anything for money nowadays. And I guess the parents call it “cute.”

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@Pied_Pfeffer What if pole-dancing was not affiliated with strip clubs?.....Would people frown upon pole-dancing classes for children if this stigma wasn’t in place? Interesting thought that would be…... TY for at least getting what I was saying.

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