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How much is a 1973 Datsun Pickup worth?

Asked by twothecat (394points) June 15th, 2011

It’s in pretty good shape, but kind of rattles when you drive it. Body is fine for an old truck. Not sure how many miles because it’s rolled over at least once. Newish brakes. The online Kelly Blue Book only seems to go to 1991 for some stupid reason, unless I’m not doing it right. My friend wants to sell it to me for 2700 but that seems high, considering it’s age and mileage.

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In my option that’s about TWO Thousand dollars too high. Just traded in 1993 Subaru with high miles, most dealers told me $250 to 600. KBB was about $650.

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Datsun motors were always pretty good, but a 1973 pick-up truck is almost 40 years old! If it is still in running condition, you might consider paying $270.oo for it – but $2,700.oo is totally unrealistic & it sounds as though your “friend” is trying really hard to take advantage of you.

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A truck of that age, and in which the odometer has rolled over at least once, is worth very little. Say $400. I think that’s pretty generous in the absence of proof that it’s in good shape or any sort of warranty.

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I heard they were rust buckets so there may be a crapload of bondo in the body. That is way too much for a vehicle that old. If it has been in the part of the country with mild winters and no road salt it could have possibilities. And then there’s the problem of finding parts for it later.

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I don’t care if it is gold plated, don’t buy it. One or the other of you will think you got taken by the other. Then we will see the 2 of you in front of Judge Judy.

Best way to end a friendship is to buy an old truck/car from a friend.

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I think I’m convinced. Not getting it.

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If I were in your position, I would be torn between having your friend piss into a cup and send it to the nearest lab or just kicking him in the nuts hard for trying to take advantage of a friend.

Seriously, I have a car that actually was in decent shape when I got it (good body, engine, and transmission, and I did not find any faults in it that were disclosed before I bought it) and is over a decade newer and I only paid $300 for it. That is three hundred dollars.

Now, if the thing actually had the collectible value of, say, a ‘69 Charger then $2,700 would be reasonable. However, it doesn’t so it isn’t. Your friend is either dumber than a box of rocks or isn’t really your friend.

BTW, the reason KBB only goes back to ‘91 is that they figure that practically nobody will buy a car over twenty years old. I had to do a bit of digging to find out that I actually got about an average deal on my ‘85 Corolla. I got it for about the KBB value minus what it needed for suspension repairs.

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