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Which country do you think is the most dangerous in the world right now? (do read details)

Asked by Jellie (6489points) June 15th, 2011

I thought long and hard about posting this question because I didn’t want people to get offended by answers which may mention their country. But I am really curious and hoping jellies will be open to it.

Okay so I want to know what country you think is the most dangerous based on the impression you get from media and just general information. Dangerous meaning to live in or to visit or do trade with etc etc… I know the statistics but I want know from a “perceptions” point of view.

Hoping I wont regret this

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North Korea


A lot of Middle Eastern countries that are in turmoil now.

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My space. Under siege by alligator lizards.
Forget the war zones, try living with dozens of lizards running across your pillow at night.

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USA, China, Russia.

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I saw a billboard by the LAX airport that said, USA, 5% of the worlds population, 25% of the worlds prisoners.”
If that is true, I would have to say that the US is a pretty dangerous place.
BBC had a story today putting India in the top three mist dangerous places for women.

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In terms of what? For women? For tourists? For people seen as “others”? Harsh sentences for law breakers? Because of terrorist? Warlords? Civil war and internal strife? Famine? Disease? Lack of health care? Natural disaster?

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Pakistan. The government is unstable, the security forces have a variety of loyalties, and they have nuclear weapons.

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hmm, based on impressions from the media?


(Although, if you went by media as I type this: Vancouver/Canada)

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@Judi I read recently that USA has over 700 prisoners per 100,000 people. The highest in the world..

I’ll put in my opinion too : Pakistan

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In additions to the countries already listed:

Democratic Republic of the Congo

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There may be lots of other countries out there causing problems and what not, but ultimately it’s the USA that has the armaments to do the most damage.

You guys have Palin running rumors for 2012, a massive armament that dwarfs the armaments of any other country by far, and a strong divide of ideologies withing your own country.

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At the end of the day everything is an arms race :(

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Once the Taliban get their hands on nuclear weapons, they will launch them. The Soviets were afraid of getting killed themselves. The Taliban are not. Plenty of virgins waiting for them.

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