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You have last words to leave in a note, what would you say and to whom?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) June 15th, 2011

You are going to die or you are 90% sure of it you have no way to call but you can write a note, what would you put in it? From those trapped Chilean miners, to people on a sinking ship or trapped in a hostile situation, many times you hear people say they wrote out notes so that when their body was found the good bye note would hopefully make it to their loved ones. What would you write and whom would you hope got it?

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My daughter.

Unlock the barn, feed the critters, call my bank, they know you’re the beneficiary on my accounts. lol

What else is there?

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If I was strolling along minding my own & a stricken helicopter was about to land on my soft head, i’d quickly scrawl these emotive words…..“Weeeee, look at the whirlybird mama…...!”

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“To my family and loved ones, I tried my best and lived my life to the fullest, I never regret things, since if it’s something I chose, then clearly it was the rational thing to do at that time for me. I hope you all live on well without me, and I love you, thank you for being in my life..”—I imagine myself trapped in a sinking boat.

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To my kids, choose to live your life. Choose life, and live it to the fullest. and some ILY’s that I’ll reserve for them

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I actually did this. I had several brain tumors and was not suppose to live past about 6 months. I wrote letters to everyone I cared about, then put the letters away. I told my partner where they were. I still have them.

As for who and what, I wrote to many people in my life ..and others from my past. As to what was in the letters ..mostly thanking them for being who they are and having them in my life. Telling them all the things about them in which I thought were wonderful qualities. Apologies for certain things in the past. Giving encouragement to those whom I knew were struggling with something. I wrote about how short life is every moment is an experience to learn from.

I wrote a lot of letters, lol.

I know it’s not an exact answer, but I would have too much to say. GQ by the way.

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To my darling husband, you were the love of my life and I thank you for always being there for me and thank you for loving me at my best and worst. Be happy, find love again.

To my children, you are everything I could have hoped for. I am so proud of the wonderful, individuals you have become. Live your lives without regret (or as much as you can), seize opportunities that present themselves, enjoy your lives. If you do nothing else, enjoy your lives. Be kind and respectful to each other.

To my friends, thank you for being there. It was a ball and I am glad you shared this journey with me.

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Farewell, loves—
I’m off on a separate journey… and for now, it’s one only I get to know.
Celebrate me as I’m celebrating you. We’re all a part of this universe, infinitely odd.

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Ill Be Seeing You
I plan on doing alittle haunting ;))

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I would have multiple notes. Looonnnggg notes.

To my husband I would tell him how much I love him, and what I think is so amazing about him.

To the people who have hurt me, who I feel there was a really stupid miscommunication that was never resolved, I would make a final attempt to tell them what I think went wrong between us. Tell them positives things I continue to think and tell others about them, and do my best to let them know even though we fought, I never thought of them in black and white terms, and I hope as they go forward in life they stop thinking so black and white. There are only two people I can really think of who get this type of letter from me.

To my closest, dearest, girlfriends I would tell them how happy they have made me and how much I love them. Maybe write some of my favorite memories, amny of which are funny.

To my parents, I would tell them I am sorry for the loss they are about to endure, and thank them for all they have taught me, most importantly being a good person, caring for others, and being responsible.

To my sister I am not sure. She was the most, or equal to the most important person in my life for many many years. Now, in the last few years we are not very close, things fell apart. It is still surprising to me.

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Call Kevin and have him clean out the chemicals in the lab and give the XX to YY. He’s always wanted it.

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It’s not your fault and there’s nothing you could have done to make things come out differently. It hurts too much and I give up. We’ve tried all the meds. We’ve tried all the therapies. We’ve been doing this for years. I can’t take it any more. I am not doing this to hurt you. I love you. Honest. I just can’t bear it any more. I would have liked you to be here at this moment, but I know you wouldn’t let me do it.

No. I can’t do it. But it still hurts and I don’t know how much longer I can stand it.

This is not a reflection of my current state of mind. It’s just where the question took me.

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My fiancee, my mother, my grandparents and my best friend.
I would write that I have had a lifetime of love and wonderful shared experiences, my life better for all of them and my hope that they have felt my love in return.

My best friend would know what items of mine would go to whom. It’s a short list.

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To no one in particular; Get bent, jerkwad!

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To him:

I always continued loving you, even if you didn’t feel the same way. Hope your life is filled with joy and happiness.

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I knew this would happen.

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I had surgery a few years back and at the time I felt really close to my sister, so I wrote her a letter and told her where the letter was in case I didn’t make it. In the letter I told her that if there really was life after death I would try to contact her and since it is apparent that people cannot hear dead people, I would try to communicate by some other means. And for her not to be scared if I had to throw objects at her to let her know I was there. I also promised her that I would try to hel her only son at the time from whereever I was.

These days I’m not so close to her, but my nephew is now 18 and I love him dearly, so my last note would be for him. I would just tell him how much I love him and how happy he has made me and also that if there is any way I can help him from beyond I will definitely do so.

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I would write to my children and ask them to be kind to each other, and to make sure they know how much I love them, and how they brought me so much joy and laughter, even during bad times.

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