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Ever felt like everyone around you is a stranger?

Asked by oxemtuler (80points) June 16th, 2011

I have my family and friends and get along well with them.
But sometimes I realize how alone I am. Not just lonely..but..
Feels like I am the only person existing in the entire universe.
Maybe I should find a soulmate.
But I’m still a young student,
is it only me who feels this way from time to time?

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You’re not alone in feeling alone. I feel that way, and I’m pretty sure others, many others, do too. I can only speak for myself… but then there’s two, and you’re still not alone. For me—

I’ll be sitting with people, around people, and realize how much distance there is. Physically, all the air between, and even when you’re right by each other, there’s miles still. And that’s just the visible body, who knows how far apart the minds are, truly. Look at them all together, and me way over here.

There’s an odd thing I find comfort in. By turning emotional distance to physical, and then thinking about it, space. The tiniest particles, it seems, to them space is irrelevant. Until they’re forced to decide on a location, they can be anywhere and everywhere at once; can respond to that call of definition instantaneously; can react to each other, instantaneously, when they’re connected to another particle that’s calling.

Another—meeting certain people, interacting with them, and the air around them seems their emotion, tactile, and I feel it; hot, freezing, electric, magnetic. Wonderful people. (Other life, other species, too. The stars, the earth.)

It’s those moments, that I feel connected, somehow, to everything. Somehow.

Another, that there’s no empty space. The vacuum, dark matter, potentially supporting and affecting the matter we are and we experience.

And maybe just moments, but time, too, in the steady constant sense, isn’t. I remember these moments, for when I feel entirely alone and isolated and disconnected

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I think a lot of people feel like this from time to time, and especially when we’re young. Don’t fret too much about it, unless you feel like it’s really negatively impacting your daily life. If it gets to that point, you might want to consider some counseling.

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You are at that age where you are struggling to find your identity and path in life. Today you are a “student” and you know someday soon enough you will be out in the real world and that is a huge burden to carry until you find out who you are and what you want out of life. Embrace the good qualities you have and what has made you who you are up to today. Take it one day at a time and don’t try to meet any other expectations than your own.

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