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Are you in tune with your sixth sense ?

Asked by MilkyWay (13705points) June 16th, 2011

You know the feeling you get when you know something is going to happen… or that you’re being followed… or that’s somethings just wrong, and it is.
Some people have this feeling more than others, so are you one of them?

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I consider that intuition and life experience.

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Nope…I thought I was but got blindsided again. Did NOT see that one coming at all.

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No, I am not intuitive. But I am amazed at how often my girlfriend and I are trying to reach each other through phone calls, texts, or e mail at the exact same moment. It seems to happen on an almost daily basis.

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I agree with syz here.

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Yes, I am currently. I’ve had this ability before, but the gift fades when I slip away from the path. We are all capable of accessing this seemingly hidden information. I forget this all of the time, because it is so easy to get caught up in confusing culture.

When I am being true to my nature, something washes away any barriers between me and this sixth sense.

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Very, very intuned. But I like to say it’s the Holy Spirit guiding me =)

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I tend to mistrust it because I don’t know how the knowledge got there. But it is right an awful lot. I’ve started acting as if I know things before someone has told me them. I think it is a bad habit, but I’m just trying to see how much of what I think I know corresponds with reality and how much is just fantasy.

Of course, I’m subject to observer bias. If I get something right, I focus on that to the exclusion of all the things I got wrong. But I know things I don’t have any particular reason to know. I have a sixth sense for people who are bipolar. If I am attracted to or interested in someone, it seems like they are bipolar at a much higher rate than you’d find in the overall population.

It’s ok. I like crazy people.

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A little too in tune sometimes.

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Yes, I can smell @queenie coming from a mile away. Or is that just your natural smell?

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Usually yes, but, I can still, at times, ignore the little pebbles tossed, but..I no longer take bricks to the head. It’s all a work in progress.

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Tuned up and ready to go!

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Coincidence and selective memory. You do not remember the times when you thought that something felt wrong, and nothing happened, or felt like you were being followed, but you weren’t.

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Not really. I rely mostly on my other senses [ usual ones ]

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Nope, just paranoid. I can think around corners though.

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Mine only appears when I’m good and drunk. :)

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If I am to take, what enlightened minds try to tell me there is no “sixth sense.” You can’t measure it or put it to test, or anything like that. Hence, no sixth sense, if anything it is using logic and facts to make an educated risk or assumption of the current situation.

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I am pretty intuitive but I will always look for concrete evidence to support what I am intuitively picking up. And sometimes, as @Cruiser suggested, with the best intuition in the world, you get blind sided.

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@queenie have you read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell? It’s a good read on this subject, about knowing things instinctively in the blink of an eye.

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@Stinley No, I haven’t, but I certainly want to read it…
Thanks for your answers guys, I never knew some people didn’t believe in a “sixth sense”.

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I have that sensation on occasion, but it seems to be limited to those that I know.

The most extreme example is when I went home and was staying at Mom’s when the oldest sister was in the last stages of cancer. One day, I suddenly woke up at 4am, left Mom a note and headed directly over to the sister’s house. Her body was still warm, but she was gone. I let her children sleep in while I sat out on the back porch and had a good cry.

The other sister said that it was the ‘sixth sense’ kicking in…something told me that I needed to be there to be the one to deliver the news to the family members instead of the children. Just about every single time I call this sister, she always says, “I was just thinking about you!” My teasing response is, “I know…that’s why I called.” Then again, maybe there is something to this ‘Sixth Sense’ theory.

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The sixth sense seems to be the sense of sense which I find to be, senseless.

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