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Moving two items of furniture: where do I start?

Asked by Jeruba (47488points) June 16th, 2011

I need to get two items of furniture—a desk and a chair—transported from their present location on the East Coast to my home on the West.

The chair probably needs to be crated for protection; maybe the desk does too.

Where do I start? Do I call movers on the East Coast or the West? Do I want to get several quotes or will they all be about the same? I am assuming these two items could tag along in someone’s truckload; but should I look at some other method, and if so, what?

I have the dimensions of the items but not their weight. Is that enough information to get estimates?

The items are family heirlooms—not valuable antiques, but valuable for their sentimental worth and in that sense not replaceable.

I can’t assume much, if any, DIY handling on either end.

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Call a mover at that end; they may have a shipment coming to your area. You may be able to get a better rate if you don’t have a fixed date for delivery. There are companies that specialize in moving antiques.

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I’ve never had to do this exactly, but I would assume you’d want to get as many quotes as you’re comfortable with. The few times I’ve looked into shipping my items I only looked through national companies – I figured they’d be the only ones to handle it across eight states – and I found their prices to differ wildly. I ended up going with a average priced company. I also looked at train and truck shippers.

Also… @BarnacleBill said it.

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Where are you moving from/to?

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From a small town in Massachusetts (near Routes 1 & 495) to a large city in Silicon Valley.

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@Jeruba I did the exact same move (only I went the other direction). I moved my grandfather’s large antique barristers roll-top desk (heavy) and oak chair from Phoenix to Ohio. I used Team Worldwide and they did an awesome job. The desk was taken apart into its two pieces and the whole thing was put inside a wooden crate that was built for the task. All the hardware was bagged and taped inside. When it arrived, they un-crated it and rebuilt the thing and put it where I wanted it without scratching my wood floors (with a very heavy desk). I was completely satisfied. It was insured and well cared for along the way and the cost was about $450.

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I haven’t personally used them, but I’‘ve heard good things about uShip.

I think you’ll need the weight though. Good luck!

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@BarnacleBill. I ended up with Boston Pack and Ship, thanks to your link. Wonderful service from an agent there irresistibly named Bill Yankee. It’s been great every step of the way so far, and my items will actually be en route tomorrow.

[ EDIT ] Oh no! Where’s BarnacleBill?

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Final update: items delivered intact, carefully and well. Entirely satisfactory.

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Check out my question here: I ended up going with a company that specializes in moving delicate museum quality items. I forget the name now, or I’d tell you.

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