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What type of applications would you like to see Apple have that they don't already have?

Asked by Sunshine1245_1190 (144points) June 16th, 2011

I’m looking for new application ideas for Apple to produce. What would you like to have as an application from Apple that you would buy?

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They have this scary-fun app already but poorly executed by the makers. I’d like an app for the camera where in a series of photos you take, one or two randomly chosen shots would have a ghostly image on it, smartly placed. I’d name it APP-ARITION or APPARITION APP.
: )

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First off, Apple doesn’t really produce much in the way of software of their own anyways, and most of what they do have is of little interest to me.

Now, on the iOS side, I would like to see some sort of file manager that would allow me to rename stuff instead of having to delete it, change the one on my computer, and resync it.

On the OS X side, I would like to see something similar to WINE; something to run Windoze apps without Windoze or some sort of emulator like VMWare. Yeah, there are other things out there to allow for that, but I would like to see Apple take a stab at it.

For PCs, I would like to see versions of iTunes and Safari that work as well under Win7 as they does under OS X. If the OS X version has half the problems I’ve had with the Windoze versions then iTunes really is utter crap, and to date, I have yet to successfully run the Windows version of Safari on the last four PCs I’ve had using three different versions of Windows.

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