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Any of you Jellies have tattoos?

Asked by Faidle (668points) June 16th, 2011

Of what?
If you don’t have one, do you want one? What would you get? :)

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I want one that says “Made in China.”

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No…just some choice scars.

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I want oodles.

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I have 8, currently. And I’d like more. =0)

On my back: a huge black panther with claws, a four leaf clover, a rainbow winged heart and a naked fairy.
On my stomach: a big red heart, wrapped in pretty green (with yellow highlighting) vines.
On my booty, just under my tan line: my husband’s name in pretty cursive writing.
On my right side (going downward): my oldest daughter’s name.
On my left side (going downward): my youngest daughter’s name.

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Wile E Coyote choking the life out of the road runner.

‘Finally got the ______’ under the tat.

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Not me. I don’t want one. But, I could see an event happening that maybe would cause me to do something very out of character and get one, you never know. I guess then it would represent what was happinging in my life.

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I have a decent amount, I believe 10. I do plan on getting more.

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A heart on my left hand and a dolphin on my right ankle.

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I have a triquetra with a circle on my right ankle, and my sister’s name on my left wrist.

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I have a half anklet vine with 2 purple morning glory flowers on my right ankle. I love it, pretty and feminine.

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As soon as I get all this hospital fat off of me (10 weeks worth, GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!) I’m getting my avatar probably (still not sure where, maybe shoulder), and

“Nihil Certum, Nihil Sacrum, Nihil Sine Nefas

Pax Definite Et S. Pax, Pax Sine Scelere” on my upper back

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2 – a large Douglas Fir tree and roots covering half my back and the barcode from a box of Armour Lard.

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I have none and at the moment can see no reason for me to get one.

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Just the one. It’s a portrait of Hervé Villechaize on my inner thigh.

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I have an octopus in white ink on my right forearm

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I have a few with plans for more. One day I’d like to get an Occam and Hanlon tattoo as they are my favorite razors.

It’s too bad they’ve got so many letters. It would have been sweet to get them on my knuckles.

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<< A black flag.

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I have five. I may get more.

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I’d like my kids names somewhere on my bod, but me & needles don’t get on.
Yeah I know, such a prick ;¬}

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I have three stars on the inside of my bottom lip. I think tattoos are great, but my fear of commitment has been holding me back from getting a more visible one. I would hate to wake up one day and be sick of seeing it. I’ll take more piercings over tattoos any day. :)

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They don’t hurt nearly as much as you might think, @ucme.

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I’ve got a celtic knot on my shoulder. It did hurt, don’t let them tell you it doesn’t @ucme.

I don’t really like it now and I do regret it slightly. But I think it something surprising about me that people don’t expect which is good as I like to confound expectations.

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Okay conflicting reports there. My mates have said it’s no big deal, although there’s a slight sting. I’m aware it’s primarily because i’m a fucking wimp…one day it’ll happen.

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One thing I learned about testicle tattoos is that not only do they hurt a lot, but nobody wants to do them. ;-p

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Tattoos on my balls, bound to leave me feeling deflated :¬(

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@ucme It hurts. How much depends on the person, the location of the tattoo, your body’s endorphins and if your artist is tattooing at the right depth. Hell. I have a pair of mirrored tattoos and the nerves beneath them weren’t mirrored.

I’ve got plans for a tattoo that will cross the backs of my knees. I fully expect it to be the worst thing I will ever feel. Just getting within five inches of the knee last time had me clawing the walls.

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It does seem to me that the pain is part of the process, like you’ve earned your ink.

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No I don’t.I have no plans to get one either, and I do artwork.

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Nope. I’m as pristine as the day I was born.

Although I have always thought a strategically placed Pinocchio face might lead to some interesting evening activities.
“Lie to me again Pinocchio!”

SNL Turlington’s Lower Back Tattoo Remover

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I have two, and hope to get more. My next will be a coverup of my first one– a fairly large hip piece.

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Honestly the pain is the least of your worries. Itching like a crack fiend for the next couple days is far worse than any temporary pain. :P

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@AstroChuck – Best tattoo idea ever!!

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