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So why does one lose a question per each other question he has to edit ?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) June 16th, 2011

If I ask a question today and do not have time to edit it till tomorrow why do I lose a question tomorrow by editing my question from today ?

I know that I can first ask 3 questions tomorrow then edit the ones from today but still .. why does one lose questions from the total by editing ?

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Because it counts from when the question actually gets posted. Otherwise, you could just wait to edit all your questions at once and flood the site.

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@SavoirFaire But doesn’t that mean that a question gets counted twice?

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Three questions can be posted per day, as @SavoirFaire says.

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What’s the difference?

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@augustlan So does that mean that if my first question of the day gets sent back to editing and I ignore it, I can still ask three more questions that day? Or does it count against my quota the day it got sent back and the day that I resubmit it?

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@bobbinhood Hrm. Good point. It definitely gets counted if you abandon it or don’t edit it. I’ll do some further checking.

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@augustlan I was just rephrasing what I think @MyNewtBoobs was trying to ask. I don’t want to take credit for the thought.

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Every day you should get a fresh three questions, regardless of their status. It’s probably a timezone thing (or within the same 24 hour period).

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For all we know, it could be a “bug.”

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This also shouldn’t be a problem unless someone (1) routinely posts three questions a day, (2) routinely gets questions moderated, and (3) routinely fails to learn the rules—in which case, I guess that’s the price you pay for generating so much extra work for the moderators.

And I would have said the same thing before I was a mod, mind you.

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Since I get to edit questions for grammar or for bad spelling I don’t mind.
Though it’s a bit annoying to edit yesterday questions FIRST then see you cannot ask TODAY new questions.
But as I said first… if you first ask then edit you get to keep all. Could be a bug or maybe not I was curious.

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