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Where did the phrase "whatever suits your fancy" originate?

Asked by benjamin6 (148points) April 26th, 2008
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Your fancy is basically your wants or desires. so whatever suits your fancy is whatever you want .
It can be explained also by whatever you please
damn judochop thats where i got my info

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The Brits use “fancy” as a verb. “She fancies me,” or “I fancy her.” It means that you have sexual urges as opposed to wanting to be simply friends.

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Your fancy can be taken to mean, your likes, your wants, or desires. So the evolution of the term “whatever suits you fancy” really is self explanatory. Just like when we use the expression to fancy something, or someone. Used as a present simple verb, I fancy John, or, John fancies me. Or I fancy an ice cream.
It simply means to like or want.
So to say “whatever suits your fancy” evolved with the language naturally I imagine.
Another way of saying “do whatever pleases you,” or “do as you please”, however these two have come to have a more sarcastic ring to them
So instead we say, “whatever suits your fancy”, or “as you like.”
not to be confused with fancy the adjective, which means elaborate or richly decorated, or even elegant.

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@galicalled: Let’s not forget the faithful colonists! (Australian, New Zealandish)

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@blue:The empire on whom the sun never sets? Sorry. Have I left anyone else out?

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Same chap that spewed “Whatever floats your boat” and “Whatever blows yer skirt up”, and such

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I’ve mostly heard this phrased as “whatever tickles your fancy”......meaning whatever appeals to you. Another good one is “whether that’s your cup of tea”.
On this side of the pond, “fancy” is often used instead of liking, wanting or preferring.

Yes, them brits do come up with some odd phrases, but they are funny.

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Greetings and bon venue. It basically means “whatever fits what you like”

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(@TheArbiter; It’s still “bienvenue.” Greetings to you also.

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The term “fancy” in this context is closely related to “fantasy”. Whatever suits your fantasy.

Personally, I like ”whatever melts your butter”.

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