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When you start lifting weights, how do you know when you are big enough or too big?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14647points) June 17th, 2011

I was out of shape. Went on a crazy program to get in better shape. Done.

I don’t love the gym, have never been athletic, but I am in the habit now, and just go. I put on muscle pretty fast.

At what point do you know you have crossed from in ‘shape’ to people assuming you are taking steroids and a gym rat?

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Who cares what anyone thinks? Go by your own aesthetic.
Muscles look great!

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As soon as you are satisfied with how you look and feel.

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Watch a NBA game. Then watch Jersey Shore. You want to be closer to NBA.

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The point where real clothes no longer fit you. When you need to get custom shirts & pants then you’ve possibly gone too far?

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Don’t know ‘cause I’m not there yet.

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As soon as you look like this guy.

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@Spatzielover, what if you are getting a suit back from the tailors and the lady in the store says “It’s tight around the chest ‘cause of your pecs. You should build up your shoulders more”? Hence my sudden concern…

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Good point…Do you feel “too pumped”? If so, it may be time to add in a bit more cardio & stretching. If not, then prepare to buy a new suit ;)

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The line gets crossed when you start to consider taking steroids or get obsessive about personal appearance instead of your health.

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When you eel good about yourself you are done.

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You have that intense, glazed look in your eye whenever you see a protein shake.

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WHen you really buy into it… It’s never enough.

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When I got to the point where my shoulders were bothering the people on either side of me at the movie theater, I thought I might have been getting too big…

In any case, go with whatever looks good for you.

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