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Where should I stay in Mexico City?

Asked by holli (487points) June 17th, 2011

I’m traveling to Mexico City in July and have been scowering the internet in search of the perfect place. I can’t tell if I am looking in all of the best sites or not. I don’t want to stay in a chain. And ideally I’m looking for something with the feel/attitude of a hostel but the style of a boutique hotel or B&B. Any ideas of specific places or good search sites are appreciated. I’ve checked trip advisor, fodors, and several other sites. I also speak SPanish so local Mexican sites are helpful too. Thanks!

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Can you tell us more about your plans? Will you be visiting specific sites? Mexico City is huge, so being close to where you want to go is important.

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@bob_ I plan to go all over but will stay close to the center. I found a great little place. Thank you.

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