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How long can a pair of contacts be worn that are supposed to last 30 days?

Asked by deni (23141points) June 17th, 2011

I had an eye doctor appointment this morning to try some contacts and realized that for a year supply they’re 200 dollars, WITH INSURANCE. That’s out of my price range. I wear glasses 99% of the time, but every once in a while I want to wear contacts, usually for an outdoor activity, beach, yada yada. So I have a trial pair, and if I wear them today, then don’t wear them for 2 months, then wear them, then don’t wear them for a month, then wear them once, then a month later…..will they work? Can they be stretched over a longer period of time if they’re seldom worn? The brand is Bio…..something brand. Biofinity?

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I wear them for months and months on end. When they start to feel grainy or irritate my eyes, then I throw them out.
My insurance doesn’t cover vision, so I have learned to make a year supply of contacts last me over two years. I’ve been doing this for about a decade with no ill effects.
Obviously this isn’t medical advice, just my personal experience. Just make sure that you keep them hydrated in the case if you aren’t going to be wearing them. You should change the saline regularly.

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I wear contacts all the time. I used to have the 30 day contacts, and I would often wear them for two or more months (not a healthy decision). They do tend to wear out and be more prone to tearing. However, in your circumstance, I think the important expiration date is that one that is listed on the box. That’s when they go bad according the manufacturers and should no longer be sold. Maybe invest in a really good storing solution that doesn’t have a lot of disinfecting solution in it (as that will wear down the lenses faster). I used to use the Bausch & Lomb saline solution, because I had sensitive eyes and couldn’t handle the disinfecting solution, that might be a good one to try. There are also special cases that should help to extend the life of your lenses, like this one( Good luck!

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$200 sounds high for 24 lenses. Have you compared prices? My left lens is expensive at $34/box of 6, so that would be $136 for 24 lenses.

You can order them online and the online retailer will get your prescription from your optometrist.

And I wear mine 4 to 6 weeks, when my eyes seem to feel tired at the end of the day I open a fresh pair.

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probably around 30 days…..?

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I can wear mine while I sleep and I’m supposed to get 14 days per lens, but… The pair I have in now, I have been wearing for about 4 and a half months. My eyes are just now starting to get where they are uncomfortable and itchy at times. I’ve just been too lazy and too tight to go to the eye doctor to order more. You can make them last but I hear it’s not good for your vision.

Don’t tell my eye doctor that I’ve been wearing them this long. He gets pretty upset about it.

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My partner recently got an eye infection from wearing hers for too long. Just suck it up and change them, or wear glasses. Not worth the further medical bills for getting your infection treated.

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@incendiary_dan was she wearing them consistently, or was she taking them out and cleaning them every night?

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$200 sounds high. Most go for 30 a box. But prescriptions vary.
The sample contacts should be able to function as you listed. Make sure you change the saline in the container periodically, but you should be ok.

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Depends on your eyes and the contacts. For some reason my eyeballs hate contacts. I get ones that are supposed to last 3–4 week, but they start bothering me during the second week. I’ve tried other brands and types, but they were all worse.

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Even though you’re really not supposed to- I wear mine until they feel very dry and start to irritate me (usually like 2 or 3 months!) I love the feeling of new contacts, though:)

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@incendiary_dan But I rarely wear them. If I wear them today, then don’t have a reason to wear them for 3 weeks, thats only 2 uses. Should they really be thrown out after that? The wear and tear on them at that point wouldn’t be nearly as much as if I wore them consistently, for 21 days, could it? I feel like there’s no way.

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$200 for a whole year? That’s cheap!

I use the 30-day pairs, and was told to change them either every 30 wears or 60 days, whichever is sooner. It depends on the brand, so talk to your optometrist, but seriously don’t push it. Most people occasionally break the rules and get away with it, but if you do damage your eyes, that’s going to hurt like hell and probably have long-term effects.

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