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What could be the reason for me passing out in Biology?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2779points) June 17th, 2011

So today in Biology, we were dissecting a squid. I didn’t find it gross or repulsive and there was no blood. (I faint at the sight of blood)
All of the sudden, I started shaking, everything went white and I passed out. I wasn’t hot, so it couldn’t have been a heat stroke. Could I have passed out because of the smell of the squid and latex gloves? Is that even possible? If not, what are some other possibilities?

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It could be a list of reasons. Lack of oxygen, some kind of smell, chloroform? lol…. You may have developed some kind of condition as well.

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I’m only 16, so hopefully I didn’t develop some kind of condition. But if I did, what would be some examples?

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Yes, as what @tedd said, maybe you were holding your breath and didn’t realize it.

When I took biology waay back when, we dissected dead cats from a shelter. THAT was horrible for me, the one my partner and I got assigned looked just like my living cat at the time.

Bouncning fetal pig eyeballs around the room was kinda fun, ( got in trouble for that ) they bounce like super balls, really!

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Had you had enough food and liquids?

It might have been the preservative, that stuff can be nasty.

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Maybe you never ate breakfast & the lack of a full stomach coupled with the sight of the squid totalled you? As for the smell of latex, It only has an arousing affect on me but that’s totally unrelated to your question……… :-/
Eat breakfast next time is my best guess…....

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I ate breakfast. I had an egg sandwich with cheese and bacon that my dad made, and orange juice.

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@NostalgicChills Well the big one is epilepsy. Some forms of it can cause black-outs. A buddy of mine has this form (although his includes mild seizing). He takes a medication for it and hasn’t had a blackout literally in the entire time I’ve known him (~8 years).

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re: I faint at the sight of blood

I was like that until I was about 25. The smell of hospitals and disinfectant would do it, too. My theory is that losing a finger as a toddler turned all those things into a trigger for me.

So yes, it could be the smell.

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Maybe you’re just a little more squeamish than you really knew? I pass out at the sight of my own blood but not others….. Weird huh! :-/
Hope you made it through the rest of the day ok…..

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I’m with @Scooby some people faint when confronted with ickiness, like dissecting a squid, blood or no blood. And if you’re sensitive to ickiness then that could explain the faintin. I would still get checked out by a doctor. I started fainting when I was about your age and they thought I had epilepsy. My EEG was borderline and I was put on medication but the problem turned out to be a type orthostatic hypotension now referred to as Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)

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Perhaps the unexpected could be an issue here. You were studying weird animal that had the capacity to present possible disturbing smells and or visual effects. And your subconscious just didn’t want to go there, so you passed out.

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There are many preservatives that go into animals and such for dissection. Maybe you inhaled too much of that chemical? I get a little light headed whenever I breathe in too much of that stuff.

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