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What happened on one of the craziest nights of your life?

Asked by TennesseeTeacake (337points) April 26th, 2008

What were you doing? What made it so crazy?

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Well it was the first time I tried acid and I was with my cousin and him being the expert, which he is, he gave these really hot girls 50 bucks each to stand over us naked waving glow sticks over us in a dark room. After that ended we kinda just tripped out around town.

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One of the craziest nights of my life would have to have been last night, actually. I went to a party at a friends house. It started out as only a few people and then someone would call someone else and they’d call someone else – once everyone stopped flowing in I think there were about 30 or 35 people (more than were expected). We had to go on five beer runs because we kept running out. One guy brought Jack Daniel’s, my personal favorite, and I took a bunch of shots. I’m not a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, but last night I drank quite a bit. I remember a bunch of us got in the hot tub naked, then jumped into the pool. I remember three games of beer pong going on at once. I remember this guy we call O.G. kept tickling me and I actually have some bruises cause he poked me so hard, but I was laughing too much to make him quit. I remember my friend Casey went to bed early (around midnight) and one of my best friends, Sasha, and I went to check on him. He was fine, just sleepy. People kept opening the door and peeking in at us because supposedly we were really loud – laughing and all that. At one point there were six people in one bed and we were all snuggling together. Then, people left and it was me, Sasha and Casey and we spooned and cuddled together. I remember waking up and Sasha’s face was right in mine and Casey was pretty much laying on top of us.
Anyways.. that’s my most recent crazy night.

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Well, it all started when I met this golden protocol droid and his little tiny blue white friend named “R2-D…” I forget the last part. Anyways I returned to my house and my uncle, Owen, had me clean them and the little one…well there was this chick that just appeared clear and said something like…Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope. And this dude, named, oh, something like Ben Kebobi turns out to be him. WTF right? Anyways…We went and were currently looking for the little one…. Wouldn’t it be a shame if I returned home and all of my loved ones were killed? Weird.

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I went to New Hampshire because my friend Mary Lee’s baby was coming. She was having it in a friend’s big old house because her house was a hut in the woods. It took a long time because it was her first baby. I drove up there from Boston with Alex, who had lived with Mary Lee for awhile in the hut; now she was with Win, the baby’s father. There were a lot of friends hanging out in the living room while Mary Lee was in labor. Alex had his head in my lap, in a nice cuddly way, and I was playing with his hair a little, and someone said, “When did you two get together?” and I laughed because we weren’t “together”, he was mostly a friend of my younger brother. The labor went on and on, and people kept going upstairs to give support, and finally the doctor came, and he told me I should get some rest because it was going to take longer (I was supposed to be the good female friend who emits radiance and wisdom and loveliness). I got in a bed the next room, head to head with Mary Lee with a wall in between. I could hear her in labor. I was completely wiped out – I think I’d been up all night the night BEFORE we drove up there. As I was dropping off sleep, Alex slipped into bed too, and although he was “my younger brother’s friend”, we did the thing; I was too sleepy to negotiate. After a few hours the baby came – I took her out of the doctor’s hands and cuddled her from blueness to pinkness. It was shocking to see this happen. I was happy. I drove back to Boston later that day in the blue winter dark time, and about two weeks later I missed my period.

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@susanc, Wow. That belongs in a book.

I volunteered to crew a theater production of a rock ‘n roll version of the Nutcracker. The director and I for some time had a flirty relationship in development, which fluorished in the pressure cooking of rehearsals and post rehearsal partying. She sorta flirted with other male cast and crew, but I was her project at the time as was the Nutcracker lead, a strapping and totally cool black guy who was a bona-fide NYC dancer. Being from out of town, he was staying in her (and her husband’s) spare bedroom. We partied at her house that night, and it ended up being the four of us. Husband went to bed eventually having work the next morning, and from there it became a cuddle fest for the Nutcracker and my friend. Much of this time we were trading stories about our sexual pasts (as if, it seemed, hubby wasn’t, in fact, just down the hall). After a while, she started turning her attention towards me and followed me around the room a few times as I’d get up and move after she would try to curl up next to me.

At some point her husband left for work and at a different some point (before or after I don’t remember) I caved to her advances and let her sit on my lap, etc. After husband left for work, the Pas de Trois ended up with the three of us on the couch with me in charge of her top half and the Nutcracker taking care of her bottom half. Naturally, she played the role of a half asleep, half unawares, she-possum, so it became sort of this game of petting here and there, but not so overtly as to… well, overtly arouse her.

Getting some action from her (after weeks of a flirting arms race) was compelling, but the sharing part was really weird and uncomfortable. The last stretch of it fell just shy of a golden spike moment where had we each moved two more inches toward the epicenter we would have been shaking each other’s hand in her pants. When the game started getting redundant (or maybe at the brink) the Nutcracker picked her up and carried her to her bed. He went to his, and I went to the third. The next morning, I woke up in her house, maybe mumbled goodbyes and walked out the door just scratching my head at it all. (This was my first foray with a married girl).

Similar, albeit much less intense, things happened in the ensuing days, and the delicious flirt war subsided when the show ended, although we continued to hang out and work on the annual show for a few more years.

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“Shaking hands in her pants”. Oh lord. The best. Great story. Write the book.

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Wow! that’s a tough one to answer…..
Would it be the night I broke my ankle, but only ended up in the emergency 12 hours later because I was with a friend who stopped breathing?
Or the time we went out, got drunk, got bored, hitched a ride to the neighboring town and continued to spend the night in a boat before getting the bus home?
Or my middle-school graduation party where I still only have a vague recollection of walking up to the podium to collect my diploma the next morning?
.....really couldn’t just pick one.

Btw, I think the answer to this question is quite possibly like the 60’s; if you remember it clearly, you weren’t there (at least in my case)

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One night my engine company was dispatched for a gas leak in a home. Upon arrival we met an old lady at her door who was so upset that she was having a heart attack. I split my crew up two guys went looking for the leak which could be heard but not detected by our meters and me and anther started working the old lady. After the lady was picked up for transport I went looking for my guys who had gone outside to look for the source of the sound. Upon entering the back yard there was a nude male with a butchers knife in his hand who was talking out of his head. He had stabbed himself in his chest and testicles. He was running a garden hose which was the source of the sound. The man had escaped from a mental hospital and walked behind this home where he held us at knife point until the police arrived with a dog to safely disarm him.

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@gooch wow…..

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@ gooch I agree with iCeskate wow

I read all of these and find myself at a loss. I feel like I just watched paint dry my whole life.

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Sturgis, South Dakota, the Harley Davidson rally. Friends and colleagues were always trying to set me up on blind dates, believing someone so attractive shouldn’t be alone. A realtor friend said he had been showing houses to a psychologist who was moving there, a nice guy with a good sense of humor. So he set up the date, we met at a bar, had a few bears and drove to Sturgis. We had a few more bears, many actually, and both got tattoos.

We never got serious but he was a lot of fun and we did go out a few times because we enjoyed each others’ company. Once, while on the dance floor, again after having too many beers, someone opened the door to the place, and he proclaimed he felt a draft, pulled up his shirt and shouted, “NIPPLE HARD ON,” while remaining on the dance floor, gyrating and fingering his nipple at the same time.

The moral of this story is, “Psychologist, heal thyself.”

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I shouldnt even get started with this one…. I’ll let everyone know when I publish the book though.

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can’t tell for potential presence of minors, DEA agents and my wife ;)

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Well, definitely would have happened in my grandparent’s hotel in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. I’ve seen a lot there. If you want me to list then just tell me.

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I gave you a ‘great answer’ thing, but I dont think its great in the sence of great… I will go with the popular ‘wow’ comment

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I went to jail!

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Not telling.

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February 1991. Advancing through the desert, colored flares, rocket trails and low-flying aircraft overhead. Can’t tell friend from foe. Knew the French column was ahead and to the left. Approached a laager of armored vehicles and fired a recognition flare. They were Iraqis. Lights out for me; woke up on a hospital ship two days later.

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Well, I dumped bong water on myself, on my favorite overalls. I was 200 miles away from home so I couldn’t change. And then later I peed on the strap of my overalls.

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