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Have you ever said something to someone close to you while intoxicated that you wished you had said while not intoxicated?

Asked by rebbel (28752points) June 17th, 2011

Wished you hadn’t said a particular thing to someone close to you I guess we all have, but is there something you have said in a drunk or tipsy state that you later wished you had said while you were sober?
I remember in 2004 when I was in Greece one night and we were underway from one club to another (having drank plenty that night) that I said to a (male) friend of mine: “Man, I love you!”
It was (and is) true but I wish I was so ‘brave’ that I could have said that to him at a sober moment too.

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In vino veritas, said the Romans, a long time ago.

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@gailcalled That is true.
Have you been drinking? ~

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Well, I did spill half a bottle of red wine on the passenger seat side of my car yesterday. Drinking and sitting, I suppose.

There’s a big and nasty stain. See my new question in Social.

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@gailcalled Parking with boys again?

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@FutureMemory: Oh, I wish. It was at noon in front of the little public library.

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I have also told my best male friend that I loved him while drunk out of my mind. Then I proceeded to cry. I did wish the next day that it was true, that I did really love him.

Now, years later, I’ve realized that it was better that he did not know.

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I told my “one that got away” that he was the one that got away. We were both drunk; it was the night of his bachelor party. I do wish that I had told him at the time so that we might’ve been together, but my life may have turned out very differently, so maybe it’s better that I didn’t.

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