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If you've ever taken a break from Fluther, was there any particular reason you came back when you did? Was there a "sign" that you ought to check in?

Asked by Seelix (14905points) June 18th, 2011

So I’ve been away from Fluther for the past two weeks or so, just because I felt I needed a break and because things were kind of hectic in real life.

Last night I actually had a dream that I got an email notification about having been added to @gailcalled’s Fluther. That’s what brought me back.

What about you? What’s brought you back when you’ve taken time off?

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If I will take a break there should be better reasons than being added to someone’s fluther.

Usually when I take a break from something I don’t bother returning.

A break equals in quiting for me.

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Maybe I should quantify for anyone who doesn’t know – our dear Gail doesn’t follow anyone, so getting added to her Fluther would be a pretty big deal. I didn’t actually think it had happened; I just figured that if I was dreaming about the site, it might be time to come back.

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@Seelix: Look over your shoulder, listen for furtive sounds, notice that you have two shadows instead of one. Perhaps I am following you. If I actually decided to, you’d be at the top of the list.

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@Seelix That is hilarious! I’ve have been more or less involved as Fluther and Real Life vie for my interest but I have never stayed away for long.

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I was suspended once for 2 weeks a few months ago. I returned voluntarily, but, things are ever changing. I have had a lot of free time this year, so Fluther has become a source of entertainment, I guess you might say. lol

But…I could disappear tomorrow and never return. Who knows, I am either here, or I am not.

No-thing is forever. :-)

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@Coloma I was suspended once for 2 weeks a few months ago

You hell-raiser you!

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@Coloma: Milo here: I guess I’d miss you, but the real tragedy would be the loss of Marwyn. I consider him primus inter pares.

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Well, Marwyn and I arn’t going anywhere anytime soon, unless I drown in my hot tub tonight. lol
Shocking I know…it’s a rarity, but, once in awhile I can goose someone who’s ruffled my feathers. ;-)

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I wouldn’t say i’ve ever taken an extended break, maybe a few days here & there. I do know however that when I come back it feels weird, like i’m a total stranger to the place. Doesn’t take long to get back into the groove though.

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I’m generally here daily. Even in my previous incarnation when I went on a sort of strike for several weeks (?) I generally hit the site pretty often, even if I never wrote a word on the board. And I tried to answer most of my PMs, especially from the few who seemed to want me to resume participation.

Mostly, though, when I get overly fed up and disheartened with the seemingly unrelenting and monolithic “left-ness” and statist attitude and acceptance of the huge majority of participants here, then I simply cut way down on a daily basis. But I almost never miss a day of some kind of contribution of one sort or another now.

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@WasCy We’ve lost many of our Grumpy Old Men; we need to retain the few we have left.

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Whew. For a minute in the small text I thought I read “retrain”, which would have been in keeping with a lot of what I see all around me all too often.

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I was gone for a month or two once. Then I came back. I don’t remember why.

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@WasCy Naw -you’re a lost cause!

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What is this ‘break’ you speak of? ~

FWIW, I’m glad you’re back.

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If I took a break and @gailcalled added me to her Fluther, I’d never leave again. Gail doesn’t add anyone (well except for that one person, accidentally) so it would be an honor to be in her Fluther.

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When I first joined, there was no social section, and the guidelines were far too strict for me. Plus, a couple of the regulars and I got into a few major fights, so I left.

I’m not sure what made me come back. I decided to just pop in one day, and I noticed that there was a new social section that seemed far more laid back, so I decided to poke around and see if I’d like being here. I haven’t left since. And I’ve made some fabulous friends in the process!

And the two people that I originally couldn’t stand are gone, so that was another problem solved for me.

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Funny you asked…I have been thinking of taking a break from Fluther…there have been a couple of nasty experiences lately, and I just feel it is senseless to let “virtual” drama into my life at the moment…actually, I was at the beach on Monday, and even though it is a couple of months away from jellyfish season, I witnessed a jellyfish wash to shore right at my feet. Its nose was dappled blue and I felt very melancholy watching its gentle death throes. I thought maybe that was a sign that I should break away from the fluther for awhile…

…then again maybe I am just projecting.

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Haha, signs from the deep end ey? ;-)

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I noticed you were missing from June 3. Glad you’re back. No Stanley Cup for you guys. :)

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@Adirondackwannabe – I was cheering for Boston! I was happy with the turnout :)

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@Seelix I’ve rec’d PMs from various jellies and returned to say Hi or check out a thread they thought I should see/be a part of. Some of the jellies that have PMd me aren’t here much anymore. Fluther is more or less a base to contact one another through.

Like you, I’ve had thoughts or reminders about someone here, or think of something someone’s said and I return.

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