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Anyone ever tasted a mangosteen?

Asked by benjamin6 (148points) April 26th, 2008

It’s a fruit. I saw a video clip on the nytimes website about them. How would you describe the taste?

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AH! I really want to try mangosteen! I hear it is life changing!
But it’s unfortunately illegal to import and they havent started growing in the US yet. :(

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I had them in Thailand. They’re sweet, but they don’t taste like mangoes which is what I expected them to taste like. They reminded me of strawberries or peaches. Other people said it tasted like sorbet. Some of them can be a little bit bitter though.

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Me too, in Thailand. I thought it was beautiful. Yes, maybe strawberries and… peaches? Yes, maybe that’s it. But more elusive, maybe. It’s a slightly
inconvenient fruit to eat, but worth it. Beautiful.

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I love mangosteens!!! They are wonderful. I also had them in Thailand (and then tried to eat them in China but they were imported and not fresh enough). I echo the cross between berry and treefruit (maybe apples?). They are sweet without being cloying and totally worth the difficult peeling process.

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I hear the juices made from Mangosteen are expensive. They are available at and other places. Never tried it myself.

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I know its not anything like a real mangosteen but Snapple Peach Mangosteen is AMAZING. I also had canned mangosteens recently but canned fruit never tastes anything close to fresh, still though they were pretty awesome.

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Mangosteens are delicious! I’d have to agree with the berry/peaches comparison as far as taste goes. I wanted to add that the texture of mangosteens is very light, a mixture of creaminess and fluffiness—unlike any fruit I’ve ever had. Be careful with peeling the rind because it can stain, apparently it is used to make dyes for batik.

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I just started wearing a fragrance from Fresh called Mangosteen and now I’m dying to try the fruit. It’s the best summer scent – very berry/peach/hints of citrus.

Why can’t the fruit be imported?

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@baseballnut actually they can now. Im sorry i lost the site that you can buy them from, but i know its a place out of settle that imports them, and then they will ship them out to you. As of 2007 they were allowed in US. I would have bought some from the site when i found it, but they arent in season again until sometime next year.

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Thanks – the smell of the scent is so unique that people always ask what I’m wearing and then the inevitable, “What’s a mangosteen?” (Maybe I’m overdoing the scent if people are asking, huh?)

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I’ve had it a bunch of times. I grew up on Guam and we often visited Indonesia (Bali, Java, and Sulaweisi)—it IS AWESOME! It Rocks! Try some, and if you are able to get some in the US, let me know where.


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