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Where was the location of your very first date?

Asked by ucme (46707points) June 18th, 2011

Assuming you can recall that is. I mean, for some of you that may be in the dim & distant past, like way back! Well, it’s said you never forget your first kiss, so shouldn’t be too difficult to remember the place. Maybe it was the movies, or a dance. Or perhaps you just hung out at the mall. For the record, my first date was a Saturday trip to Durham city centre, I know….... like wow!!

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Well, my first kiss was with my childhood friend, in Elizabeth Park in Connecticut. I still see him. He is married and lives in Boston.

My first date was in highschol, we went to a concert, a local band. I still remember I was so nervious.

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A bowling alley, with a really goofy guy that practically suffocated me with his heavy breathing. Gah! I was 14 going on 15. I went from zero to 60 in about one year. Totally innocent to party animal, but, it was the 70’s. lol

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At an aquarium. The whole thing seemed fishy to me.

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The IGA grocery store. We played Centipede and then went for sodas at Sam’s Pizza across the street.

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A 50’s themed diner with a sort of rustic appeal thrown in called the “Bel Air Grill.”

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First “real” date was to a movie. I don’t remember the movie, don’t remember the guy’s name—all I remember is the years of endless teasing I got from my family because the guy had donkey ears. They actually brought it up not long ago in a conversation headslap

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@linguaphile . . . you mean to tell me you dated a boy who had been to pleasure island with pinocchio?

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ZZ Top Concert

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My first actual real date was my senior prom. We went to a restaurant in San Francisco at the Cannery called Ben Jonson’s (17th century theme restaurant, lots of wenches and roast beef). Then the prom at a hotel in Burlingame CA. (the hotel later was condemned after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake.) An after party at the Dunbar hotel in San Mateo.

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@Cruiser…& were you a sharp dressed dude? ;¬}

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It was with RMB. I was 13 and in middle school and he was 15 and attending high school. His sister was a good friend of mine. He asked me to a school dance, and I was thrilled. His mother drove us. :)

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I was 16 and he took me to see Quadrophenia.

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It was so uneventful I don’t remember

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It was while I was on a trip in San Diego, just two years ago.

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I don’t think back on school dances as dates so I’ll exclude that stuff. My first real date was when a guy asked me out, picked me up from my home in a car and took me out on the town. It was for my 19th birthday and it was fabulous! My date took us to one of our city’s top restaurants, gave me a piece of jewelry he’d made himself and then took us out to the movies.

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My nice boyfriend asked me to go ice skating when we were fourteen. I was so excited until I saw his MOTHER skate up to us. What a letdown.

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Two friends and I took three girls, also friends, to the ABC cinema. It wasn’t the greatest of nights and we didn’t see each other again.

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@ucme At your mum’s house.
You were out playing.
Sorry. ;-(

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I don’t know how to calculate which was my first real “date.” There were a lot of walks, including walks to the beach, so it was probably one of those. I lived three blocks from the Atlantic coast in those days…ahh, what we take for granted.

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@lloydbird Oh so you were Uncle “needle dick!” She did giggle at the memory of your puny appendage from time to time ;¬}

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@ucme Yep.
Slopes off, having been found out. :-(

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I was in sixth grade. Dickie asked me to go to the movies on a Sunday. My mother disapproved of movies as a Sunday activity. She said no. Then Dickie invited me to a birthday party, to go to a movie on a Sunday. A birthday party was different and I was allowed to go. I was the only guest. He bought pop corn and soda pop. I felt pretty special.
I had nothing to do with Dickie’s subterfuge, but I suspect he was being prompted by an older friend or relative. I suspect that whoever it was, also told him to kiss me, but that was on another occasion. He was walking me home and just up and kissed me on the cheek.
That doesn’t count? It did to me!

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My first date was awhile ago. All I remember was that I met her in Constantinople.

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I started dating in my church group, during the teen outings. We pretty much paired off with different people from time to time. I didn’t know it was supposed to be serious until one girl told me off for talking to and sitting with her boyfriend.

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The symphony, it was nice.

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A Dashboard Confessional concert. Hahahahahahahahahahahha….........


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My very first date I was taken to a movie. I don’t know the name of it, but I enjoyed myself. He was really nice. But his mom disapproved of me, but that’s ok, she was a bitch.


The Ginza in Tokyo.

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I just realized… I’m 20 and I never had a first date. I never had a “date”. wow… But if I had to choose, I would go to the beach and just talk for hours.

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We went to watch the Abba movie. Not that there was much watching going on…

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Well I don’t know if this exactly qualifies as a date, but I went over to his house and we watched movies in the basement. I remember it like it was yesterday :) but that’s only because it was, in fact, yesterday. No joke.

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A girl asked me to go to a Job’s Daughters dinner dance. I was probably 12.
The next one I remember was much later, I was 17 or so, and we went to The Renaissance Pleasure Faire, and a school Sadie Hawkins dance, though I don’t remember which came first.
The big first date I asked a girl to was to the local Grindhouse movie theater, to see Born Losers (Billy Jack 1), and The Last Run or The Last Ride. Very memorable.

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My first official date was at Bolton Waterplace(a swimming water park)...I think he had a hidden agenda, luckily so did I!

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I forgot where it was / how long it lasted / where we were though I remember the person with whom I was ^^

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