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If you could choose anywhere, where would you go for your honeymoon?

Asked by QueenOfNowhere (1868points) June 18th, 2011

If you could choose anywhere, anything! “Your dream honeymoon”... Where is it?

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We didn’t go on a honeymoon when we married seven years ago. I plan to hit my husband up in three years for a trip to Newfoundland & Nova Scotia. Neither of us likes the heat, so I think this would be a great place to go.

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Australia. Two week tour. Melbourne, and then wherever the people at the hotel told me I should visit.

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A week in Yosemite, with 5 days of tent camping and 2 days spent in luxury at the Ahwanee Hotel. Best of both worlds!

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We married 45 years and could not afford to go on a honeymoon on a cops salary.

I think we made up for it with a ten day trip to Italy.

It was like being married all over again. We celebrated with at least three bottles of Italian wine that cost $75 dollars a pop.

She was happy. He was happy. They were happy. Well worth the wait.

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India. The SO has been there before and thoroughly enjoyed it. In addition to the tourist sites, I’d love to attend a traditional Indian wedding and travel down the Ganges River.

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Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.
It’s the prefecture where Mt. Fuji is.

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If it is in the Summer I’d go to Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Awesome place.

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Either Ireland, or a supposedly “haunted” yet beautiful castle in Scotland.

My hubby says Ireland.

Damn we’re so perfect for each other.

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Paris for the utter romance of a beautiful adorned city and Prince Edward Island for its utter beauty and simplicity.

(But I think that going there even when not on honeymoon is special.)

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One of those beautiful cities on the shores of the Adriatic in one of the Balkan nations.

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2 week cruise, Alaska or Scandinavia.

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Round the world trip spending at least 2 weeks in major destinations suchin as austrailia, america, and probably safari in africa. Sorry no capsize for countries, realised not automatically put in and its a pain editing on phone x

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I’d choose any mountain resort where we could be alone or maybe 2–3 other people.

But I’d prefer camping [ just the 2 of us ] on a mountain top for a few weeks.

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Oh, that’s a toughie. There’s a lot of places I’d want to travel with my new husband haha. But for my honeymoon specifically, I’d like to find a really gorgeous cabin in the woods somewhere warm and relaxing.

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