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Is it lucky to be an American?

Asked by susanc (16122points) April 26th, 2008
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Without a doubt.

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I think it depends on what class you are

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Pffff too bad more Americans don’t know it and would quit their bitchin’

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I live in America, but I by no means enjoy being an American. I wouldn’t mind living somewhere else, mainly because I disagree with the choices America is making right now.

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America’s politics are currently embarrassing, but by no means permanent, and if so than we have nobody but ourselves to blame. The US is still a fantastic place to live – try living in China, where you couldn’t even get access to Fluther

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Lucky for some, not as much as others may think though.

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America is the land of opportunity and freedom, freedom to choose what you want to express, and accomplish. Its success is due in part to the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity people have. Americans have ingrained in their souls that if you fight for it, you can achieve it and every problem has a solution, every cause has an effect, you pay a price for everything you do, the buck stops on you, nobody else, we all have 24 hours a day is up to you what you do with it. Culturally we are ahead of the world. However, apathy is setting in and now we have to rely more on immigrants to fulfill that role so now we have to employ foreigners to advance our technology to the next step. I am currently living in Vietnam and people here don’t have what it takes to makes things happen. I run into a lot of pessimism why things couldn’t be done. Plus the fact that there is no freedom of anything, except for internet media, so far we are enjoying virtual freedom. People here have been conditioned to listen not to participate, to respect not to inquire, to accept not to discuss, etc.

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It’s not perfect but I’m happy.

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I think you should consider yourself lucky to be part of such a mixed, unique and vast country, however, if you don’t always feel that way, the best thing I can think of to fully appreciate where you come from is to travel…..see other countries, experience other cultures.

I’m from a tiny little country and I never fully appreciated it until I moved away. The limitations of it made me ‘claustrophobic’ by my later teens, so I moved. Now I always look forward to visiting home and am very proud of where I come from. I do feel lucky to have the nationality I do.

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Where are you from wildflower? I am also an immigrant that is a naturalized citizen. I am originally from El Salvador but immigrated when I was a teenager

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I love it! Sure there are faults, but name a country that doesn’t have any. If you don’t like it….MOVE!!!

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depends on who you’re asking…

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yabbut, what do YOU think?

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